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Documents of Alford E. Ullom's First Family

A Work in Progress: It’s like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle, fitting in one piece at a time and wondering at the lovely picture of our kin when they finally reveal themselves. 

Alford E. Ullom (1847-1928) +  1st. Samantha Jane Pitman (1848-1891)
son of Lorenzo Dow Ullom (1821-1908) + Hannah Emerick (1824-1911)
daughter of 
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Marriage Record
Name: Alfred Ullom
Gender: Male
Marriage Date: 23 Dec 1869
Marriage Place: LaSalle Co, IL, USA
Spouse Name: Samantha Pittman
Spouse Gender: Female

Spouse: Illinois, Marriage Index, 1860-1920
Retrieved from

1870 US Census
Ullom, Alfred, 23 yrs, male, white, occupation - farmer; birthplace-WV, marriage month - Dec.
----- Samantha, 21 yrs, female, white, occupation - keeping house; birthplace-WV, marriage month - Dec.

Source: 1870 US Federal Census for Evans Twp, Marshall Co, Illinois. Line # 30. Retrieved from
1880 US Fed Census
Ullom, Alfred, White, male, 33 yrs, married, farmer,  birthplace-VA, father's birthplace-VA, mother's birthplace-VA
----- Samantha J., white, female, 32 yrs, wife, married, housekeeper, birthplace-OH; father's birthplace-OH; mother's birthplace-OH.
------ Clarence, white, male, 10 yrs, son, single, at school, birthplace-IL; father's birthplace-VA; mother's birthplace-OH
------ Albertus, white, male, 8 yrs, son, single, school, birthplace-IL
----- James E., white, male, 6 yrs, son, single, school, birthplace-IL
----- Hannah, white, female, 1 yr. daughter, single, birthplace-IL

Source: 1880 US Federal Census, #152, Drum Creek Twp., Montgomery Co, Kansas, USA, 2 Jun, 1880. Line 6. Retrieved from
1885 Kansas State Census Collection
A. Ulm, 37 yrs, male, white, married, birthplace- VA; from to KS - IL
Samantha Ulm, 37 yrs. female, white, married, birthplace - OH; from to KS - IL
Clarence Ulm, 14 yrs, female, white, single, birthplace - IL, from to KS - IL
Albert Ulm, 12 yrs, male, white
J. E. Ulm, 10 yrs, male, white
Hanah Ulm, 6 yrs, female, white
Belinda Ulm, 3 yrs, female, white
Source: Kansas State Census Collection 1855-1925. Coffeyville, Montgomery Co, KS. 1885 Line # 23. Retrieved from

FARMERS HOME, 115 West Eighth St, Coffeyville, KS

Source: City Directory, Coffeyville, KS, 1901. Received from Carl Rauch, Montgomery County, KS Historical Society. 

* * * * * * * * * *
1. Clarence Ullom (1870-1935)  + 1st. Mary (aka. Mildred) ? ( - )
son of Alford Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman
daughter of 
2nd: Hettie Emerick 
2nd: daughter of 
4th: Ella McKenna, daughter of John & Carrie (Sorenson) Spuder

1a. Hazel Ullom (1929-____)
2a. Uriah Orville Ullom (

Business Card:
2825 So. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA.
phone 24818    
steam heat                                    
newly furnished
1916 Certificate of Marriage for Clarence Ullom
Place of Marriage, County of Clarke, Town of Vancouver, Washington
GROOM - Clarence Ullom
Residence - 234 - 10th Street
Age - 45 yrs, white, No. of marriages - 3, birthplace - IL, Occupation-Banker,
Name of Father - Alfred Ullom, birthplace of Father - WV
Maiden Name of Mother - Samatha Pittman, birthplace of Mother - Bellaire, OH
BRIDE - Ella McKenna
Residence - 235 - 10th
age-43 yrs, white, Birthplace - MN, Occupation - waitress. Name of Father - John Spuder, birthplace of father - MN, Maiden Name of Mother - Carrie Sorenson, birthplace of mother - MN,
Maiden Name of Bride, if She was Previously Married - Ella Spuder
I hereby certify that Clarence Ullom and Ella McKenna were joined in marriage by me in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington, at Vancouver, this 24 day of April, 1916. E.L. Burrdut, Clergy, Vancouver.
Signature of Witnesses - Ethel Henderson, Hotel By__, Portland, OR and Mrs. C. L. Benedict, Vancouver, WA.
Source: Retrieved from
* * * * * * * * * *
2. Albertus "Bert" Ullom (1872-1944)
son of Alford Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman

child: Gwendlyn Ullom

Indiana State Board of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics Certificate of Death #27880
1. Place of Death - Marian County
City - Indianapolis
Address - 2419 Park Ave
2. Usual Residence (Home of Deceased)
State-Indiana, County-Marian, City-Indianapolis
Street No.-2419 Park
If veteran, name war - no
3. Full name - Albertus Ullom, male, white, married, Wife-Elizabeth A. Haldick? (68 yrs.)
Birthdate-7-24-1872, age 72 yrs. 1 mo. 25 days.
Birthplace - Putnam Co., IL
Usual Occupation - Brick mason
Father - Alford Ullom, Father's birthplace - Wetzel Co, West Virginia
Mother - Samantha ?, Mother's birthplace - PA;
Informant - Elizabeth A. Ullom, 2419 Park Ave
Burial, Crown Hill, 9/22/44, Indianapolis,
Date of Death - 9-19-1944
Source: Retrieved from

* * * * * * * * * *
3. James "Jim" Edward Ullom (1874-1948) + Jesse Main
son of Alford Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman
daughter of Fred L. Main + 

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Robert "Bob" Ullom
Edna Ullom
Dorothy Jean Ullom

Newspaper Clipping
J.E. Ullom has
for the past five years been manager of the E. W. Steinhart company, distributor for the Cadillac and Dodge Brothers automobiles. It is largely through the untiring effort of Mr. Ullom and the success that he has acquired in Terre Haute that the officials of the E. W. Steinhart companies of Indiana at Indianapolis, determined to erect the new $150,000 structure, which will be formally opened this week. 
Source: unknown newspaper clipping.
Popular Young Woman Dies As Result of Auto Accident Here Sunday Evening.
Edna Ullom, 19 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ullom, 2023 South Seventh Street, died at the Union hospital at 11 o'clock Wednesday night from injuries sustained in an automobile accident last Sunday night. The immediate cause of death was pneumonia, developing from injury to the lungs.
Miss Ullom was riding with Floyd Dix, near Mt. Pleasant church, when the automobile ran into a ditch and was overturned, catching Miss Ullom beneath the weight of the machine. Dr. A. H. Caffee of this city and other automobilists were on the scene shortly after the accident and rendered assistance. Dix was not injured.
The injured young woman was brought to the home of her parents and later was removed to the hospital. An x-ray examination Monday afternoon disclosed the serious nature of the injuries and at that time it was stated that Miss Ullom had but a slight chance for recovery.
Miss Ullom was active in the affairs of the city's younger social set. She was a junior at the Indiana State Normal school and a member of the Alpha sorority. Besides the parents she is survived by a brother, Robert, and a sister, Dorothy. 
Miss Ullom was preparing to enter the University of Wisconsin within a few weeks. She was talented and accomplished and her tragic injury and death were the source of grief  among her many friends and acquaintances. 
She was loved and admired for her high womanly qualities. At the hospital her room was banked with flowers, and Thursday a stream of sympathetic callers visited the Ullom residence to express their sentiments to the stricken parents.
Source: unknown newspaper clipping.


Impressive Tribute Paid in Last Rites for Young Woman.
Marked by the simplicity and sincerity that has always been evidenced in her life, the funeral of Miss Edna Ullom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Ullom was held yesterday afternoon at the home, 2023 South Seventh Street. Amid banked flowers that came as tributes to a wonderful personality and character, surrounded by friends and relatives bearing the shock bravely, impressive services were held, followed with burial in Highland Lawn cemetery.
Miss Ullom's death Wednesday night at the Union hospital, coming from complications which developed from injuries sustained Sunday evening in an automobile accident ended what physicians and nurses termed one of the pluckiest fights for life they have known. At no time did she complain nor show in any manner the suffering -- a superbly cheerful spirit carrying her bravely through long hours.
All these things were expressed by the Rev. John Herring of the First Congregational Church in the tribute, he conducted the funeral service. "Abide with Me" sung by Mrs. Clay Ladd and Mrs. Walter Hoffsinger, was requested by the parents. George Kadel, college chum of Floyd E. Dix, who was with Miss Ullom in the accident, sang "One Sweetly Solemn Thought."
At the cemetery the final services were held and the casket was lowered by six young friends of Miss Ullom, who acted at pallbearers -- Charles Haupt, Jr., Howard Cheney, Frank Ranahan, Raymond Armstrong, Charles Boland, and William Cooke.
Attended Normal School.
Miss Ullom was born Sept. 22, 1902, at Wilmington, ILL. where she attended school through 1914. The family came to Terre Haute in 1915 and in the spring of 1916, she was graduated from Fairbanks school. That fall she entered the Normal high school and was graduated in 1920, after which she took up the studies of the home economics course of the Indiana State Normal with the intention of specializing so that she might teach. While at the college she became a member of the Alpha Sorority.
Surviving in the immediate family are the parents, a brother, Robert, and a sister, Dorothy Jean. Other relatives here for the funeral were her grandfather, Fred L. Main, of Siloam Springs, Ark.; Mrs. and Mrs. Bert Ullom and daughter Gwendolyn, Indianapolis; Mr. & Mrs. John Karstedt, Indianapolis; Mrs. Hannah Warner, Mrs. Ollie Nixon, and Mr. & Mrs. John S. White, Chicago. Close friends from out of town included: Misses Margaret Tanner and Elizabeth Butler, Joliet, ILL.; Miss Charlotte Curry, attending Wisconsin University and Raymond Armstrong from the University of Illinois.
Miss Ullom was preparing to enter the University of Wisconsin within a few weeks. She was talented and accomplished and her tragic injury and death were the source of grief among her many friends and acquaintances.
She was loved and admired for her high womanly qualities. At the hospital her room was banked with flowers, and Thursday a stream of sympathetic callers visited the Ullom residence to express their sentiments to the stricken parents.
Source: Unknown newspaper clipping. 1921. 

* * * * * * * * * *
4. Hannah Ullom (1879-1943) + Ernest Preston Warner (1850- 1918) 
daughter of Alford Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman
son of 

See a letter written by Hannah here
See Hannah's Heirship Proof Letter.

Ernest Preston Warner, husband of Hannah Warner, a resident of San Diego for several years at 3907 Goldfinch street, died Monday in Los Angeles, while under the care of a specialist. Mr. Warner was a well-known sportsman of the Middle West, being a member of the Chicago Yacht Club and was the owner of the yacht "Alice," which was many time a winner in the races conducted on Lake Michigan by the Yacht Club. Mr. Warner was born April 4, 1850; in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Funeral services will be held today at 3 pm, at Pierce Brothers' chapel in Los Angeles.
Source: unknown newspaper clipping dated Feb. 4, 1918, 3:40 am. Received from Louise LaRue.

* * * * * * * * * *

5. Belinda "Lina" Ullom (1881-____) + John Karstedt 

daughter of Alford E. Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman
son of 

* * * * * * * * * *
6. Olivia "Ollie" Ullom (1885-1946) +  James Hutton Nixon 
daughter of Alford E. Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman
son of

* * * * * * * * * *
7. Samantha Jane Ullom (1891)
daughter of Alford Ullom + Samantha Pitman

* * * * * * * * * *
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