Friday, June 12, 2020

We're Pet People

I listed five pets that brought me joy over the years in my positivity journal, including our most recent pet - Lily, a tan chihuahua dog, who died in April during coronavirus lockdown. When I first joined Find-a-grave, occasionally I ran into pet memorials (yes, Find-a-grave allows them) and at the time, I thought it silly to have them on there, but I've changed my mind since then as making a memorial for Lily brought me some measure of comfort after she passed. 

She joined our family in 2009 after a trip to Tennessee to visit family for Thanksgiving and we brought her home with us. Since she was a rescue dog, her guesstimated age was about 10 months old at that time. She was very afraid of the car and rode on my shoulder the whole way home in panic mode, but since that time, she loved to go riding as her daddy spoiled her by buying a treat (hotdog) for her at Quik-trip when he stopped to buy gas and a coke. She also went with us on many weekender vacation trips and was a good rider. 

I've been spring cleaning and finding things of Lily's. Some I've packed away, in case we decide to add a new pet to our household in the future, but holding them in my hands makes me miss her. She balanced out the females to the males in our home and we had her for ten years. As her Find-a-grave memorial states, I taught her many things for she was a smart dog and good company. I mentioned her in this article about genealogy code here

Today, I remembered that I had some documents concerning her shots, etc. packed away in a filing cabinet. So I dug them out and thought that they might be good documents to prove our residence at the time as they have our address written on them.  However, since this is a sample, I've taken care to remove our address from the below record for this article. 

Here's a list of other pets that I remember. I have a few more records in my filing cabinet for other pets like Ami, Baby, and Hunter. I remember a few more critters that our family kept as pets, but will have to dig for their names to add to this list. 

  1. Ami (D. Rush; female Bichon Frise dog)
  2. Baby Cakes (D. Rush;  male bicolor cat)
  3. Blackie (J. Ullom's male farm dog; they thought he was a mutt, but he looked like a black Irish Setter)
  4. Bumbles (S. Yoder; cat)
  5. Candy (J. Ullom's rat terrier)
  6. Darby (P. Eubank; male dog)
  7. Darcy (D. Rush; male Sheltie dog)
  8. "Don't remember name" pets (finches, fish, gerbils, hamsters, a hermit crab, a horned toad, lizards, turtles)
  9. Diamond (I.L. Rush; horse) 
  10. Freckles (N. Rush's male Brittany Spaniel dog)
  11.  Ginger (N. O'Neal; female Lhasa Apso dog)
  12. Gracie (M. Rush; Great Danes)
  13.  Hunter (D. Rush; Pomeranian)
  14. King (M. Rush; Great Dane)
  15. Lily (D. Rush; chihuahua)
  16. Misty (D. Rush; pet rabbit) 
  17. Nancy (J. Ullom; Shetland pony)
  18. Nellie (I.L. Rush; horse)
  19. Nova (S. Yoder; cat)
  20.  Perry (D. Rush; parakeet)
  21.  Pretty Boy (N. O'Neal; canary)
  22.  Rusty (R. O'Neal; Irish setter)
  23.  Sam (N. O'Neal; Beagle dog)
  24. Shirley (I.L. Rush; horse)
  25. Snowflake (I.L. Rush; horse)
  26. Song (N. O'Neal; female Siamese cat)
  27. Sugar (I.L. Rush; horse)
  28. Sugar (R. Rush; female miniature poodle)
  29. Tippy (I.L. Rush; dog)
  30. Violet (S. Yoder; cat)

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


I've written before about our weekend mini-vacations here in a post called Weekend Ramblers.  And I've written about a historical museum in Miller County, MO that we have visited several times and my husband is a life-time member of. However, in my positivity journal this month, I have written a list of museums we (either my birth family or my husband's birth family or our married family) have visited because we enjoy history, some show exhibits of people we find interesting (see my history nut blog) and some pertain to our genealogical research. 

In my journal, I will only be listing the Museum's name, city and state.  Read the labels down below the post which might give you some clues to the various surnames that we found exhibits on or genealogical information at or places that were important to our ancestors. I don't want to make this post too complicated, but if you see a leaf emblem behind the name, that indicates a important place for His 🍁 or Her 🍀 family. 

So this list of 112 museums stands for now upon publishing, but as we visit other museums or remember more, then I'll come back later to update this list. How many museums and historic sites have you visited, especially those that pertain to your family tree? 

  1.  1859 Jail, Marshal's Home & Museum, Independence, MO. 
  2.  Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library, Springfield, IL (2015) 🍀
  3.  Alexander Majors Historic House & Park, Kansas City, MO.
  4.  Arrow Rock State Historic Site, Arrow Rock, MO.
  5. Bates County Historical Museum, Butler, MO.  🍀
  6. Battle of Lexington - State Historical Site, Lexington, MO. 
  7. Battle of Westport Museum and Visitor Center, Kansas City, MO.
  8. Belton Historical Museum, Belton, MO. 
  9. the Big Well, Greensburg, KS
  10. Bolduc House Museum, St. Genevieve, MO.
  11. Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City, KS
  12. Bothwell Lodge - State Historic Site, Pettis Co, MO.
  13. Buffalo Bill Center, Cody, WY
  14.  Bushwhacker Museum, Nevada, MO. 🍀
  15. Christian County Historical Museum, Taylorville, IL (2015) 🍀
  16. Cole Camp Museum, Cole Camp, MO. 
  17.  Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden, CO
  18.  Constitution Hall and Territorial Museum, Lecompton, KS. 🍀
  19. Corrie ten Boom Virtual Museum, Haarlem, Holland
  20.  Dalton Defenders Museum, Coffeyville, KS. (1992) 🍀
  21. Dalton Hide-out Museum, Meade, KS. 
  22. Dwight D. Eisenhower Museum, Abilene, KS. 
  23. Felix Valle House - State Historical Site, St. Genevieve, MO. 
  24. First Missouri State Capital, St. Charles, MO. 
  25. Focus on the Family Welcome Center, Colorado Springs, CO
  26. Fort Bliss Army Museum, El Paso, TX
  27. Fort Larned National Historical Site, Larned, KS.
  28. Fort Osage, Sibley, MO. 
  29. Fort Scott National Historical Site, Ft. Scott, KS.
  30. Frontier Army Museum, Ft. Leavenworth, KS.
  31. Glen Miller Birthplace Museum, Clarinda, IA
  32. George Washington Carver's National Monument, Diamond, MO. 
  33. Grant's Farm, St. Louis, Mo. 
  34. Grandview Historical Society Train Depot Museum, Grandview, MO.
  35. Grinter's Place, Kansas City, KS.
  36. Hallmark Visitors Center, Kansas City, MO
  37. Hannibal Historical Museum, Hannibal, MO. (2015)
  38. Harry S. Truman's Birthplace, Lamar, MO. 
  39. Harry S. Truman's Library and Museum, Independence, MO. 
  40. Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, Dearborn, MI
  41. Illinois State Military Museum, Springfield, IL. (2015) 🍀
  42. John Brown Museum, Osawatomie, KS. 🍀
  43. Johnson County Museum, Overland Park, KS 
  44. John Wornall House Museum, Kansas City, MO. 
  45.  Kansas City Historical Museum, Kansas City, MO.
  46. Kansas City Toy Museum, Kansas City, MO. 
  47. Katy Depot and Railroad Heritage Museum, Sedalia, MO.  
  48. Kaw Indian Mission, Council Grove, KS
  49. Kit Carson Home and Museum, Taos, NM 🍁
  50. Laura Ingalls Wilder Homes, Independence, KS and Mansfield, MO. 
  51. Lawrence Visitors Center, Lawrence, KS. 
  52. Legler Barn Museum, Lenexa, KS.
  53. Lewis and Clark Boat House and Museum, St. Charles, MO.  
  54. Lexington Historical Museum, Lexington, MO
  55. Lincoln's New Salem-State Historic Site, Petersburg, IL
  56. Lincoln University Museum, Lincoln, IL
  57.  Logan County Historical Museum, Lincoln, IL (2015) 🍀
  58.  Lone Jack Historical Museum, Lone Jack, MO.
  59.  Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm Home, Olathe, KS
  60. the Magic House Children's Museum, St. Louis, MO. 
  61. Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum, Hannibal, MO (2015)
  62.  Miami County Historical Museum, Paola, KS. 🍀
  63. Miller County Historical Museum, Tuscumbia, MO. 🍁
  64. Mine Creek Battlefield State Historic Site, Pleasanton, KS. 🍀
  65. Missouri State Museum and Jefferson Landing State Historic Site, Jefferson City, MO.
  66. Missouri Town 1855, Kansas City, MO. 
  67.  Morgan County Historical Museum, Versailles, MO. 
  68. Museum of the Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO. 
  69. National Airline Historical Museum, Kansas City, KS.
  70. National Agricultural Hall of Fame Museum, Bonner Springs, KS 
  71. National Battlefield of Wilson's Creek, Republic, MO. 🍀
  72.  National Frontier Trails Center, Independence, MO. 
  73. National WWI Liberty Museum and Memorial, Kansas City, MO. 
  74. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO.
  75.  New Santa Fe Historical Society Trailside Center, Kansas City, MO.
  76. No Man's Land Historical Museum, Goodwell, OK (Mom worked here during college years for Dr. McQuarter) 🍀
  77. Old State Capital, Springfield, IL. (2015) 🍀
  78.  Osawatomie Historical Museum, Osawatomie, KS. 
  79. Pablo Agricultural Center, Blue Mound, IL (2015; permanently closed) 🍀
  80.  Papinville Historical Museum, Papinville, MO. 🍁
  81. Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK
  82. Pony Express Museum, St. Joseph, MO. 
  83. Precious Moments Chapel and Visitors Center, Carthage, MO. 
  84. Providence Hospital Medical Museum (Bethany Hospital memorabilia), Kansas City, KS 🍀
  85. Ralph Foster Museum, Point Lookout, MO
  86. Ray County Historical Museum, Richmond, MO. 
  87. Ripley's Believe it Or Not Museum, Branson, MO
  88.  Santa Fe Trailside Center, Kansas City, MO.
  89. Sappington House-State Park, Arrow Rock, Mo. 
  90. Science Museum, Oklahoma City, OK
  91. the Science Center, St. Louis, MO.  
  92.  Shawnee Indian Mission, Fairway, KS. 🍀
  93. Shoal Creek Living History Museum - Hodge Park, North Kansas City, MO.
  94. State Capital Museum, Jefferson City, MO.
  95. Strang Carriage House, Overland Park, KS.  
  96. Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum, Ashland, NE. 
  97. Strawberry Hill Historical Museum, Kansas City, KS
  98. Stauth Memorial Museum, Montezuma, KS
  99. St. Joseph Hospital Medical Museum, Kansas City, MO. 
  100. Thomas Hart Benton -- State Park, Kansas City, MO.
  101. Tippecanoe Battlefield & Museum, Battle Ground, IN.
  102. Trail of Tears - State Park, Jackson, MO.
  103.  Truman House, Independence, MO. 
  104.  Union Station Science City Museum, Kansas City, MO.
  105. War Eagle Air Museum, Santa Teresa, NM.
  106. Watkins Woolen Mill - State Park, Lawson, MO. 
  107. Western Historical Trails Center, Council Bluff, IA. 
  108.  Westport Historical Society Museum, Kansas City, MO. 🍀
  109. Wonders of Wildlife National Museum, Springfield, MO.
  110. Wonderscope Children's Museum, Shawnee, KS. (building a new site-Red Bridge Shopping Center, Kansas City, MO.) 
  111. Wyandotte County Historical Museum, Bonner Springs, KS
  112. Young-Truman Home, Grandview, MO.

    Updated: 6/30/2020

Monday, March 9, 2020

Preacher Man

My husband and I have been listing the men of the cloth in our families. Some are ancestors and some are cousins. They may be by blood or by marriage. Some I have written short biographies for and they are linked in.  

I have also listed our family faith backgrounds where known. 

This list will be on-going as we identify those men and women in our families who heard and obeyed a calling to serve as ministers or missionaries of God.

Rev. Millard M. AKERS (1890-1945), Church of God (Anderson, IN)
Elder David BARROWS (1835-1918), Primitive Baptist
Eld. Ira BOONE (1809-1866), Primitive Baptist
Eld. Isaiah H. BOONE (1802-1835), Primitive Baptist
Eld. Thomas BOONE (1785-1855), Primitive Baptist
Rev. Robert ELKIN (1745-1822), Separatist Baptist
Eld. Jabez HAM (1796-1842), Primitive Baptist
Eld. Stephen Peter HAM (1836-1908), Primitive Baptist
Eld. Abraham HOLLIS (1804-1870), Primitive Baptist
Rev. Arnold E. LARUE (1924-1997), Wesleyan
Rev. James E. LARUE (1903-1981), Wesleyan

Rev. Timothy PUSEY , Nazarene
Miss Edna F. THIMES (1914-1995), Church of God (Anderson, IN) Missionary Nurse
Rev. Ervin C. TIPTON (1900-1977), Methodist
Eld. Martin WHITE (1802-1862), Primitive Baptist

Baptist including Primitive Baptist; Catholic; Church of God (Anderson, IN.); Disciples/Church of Christ (Campbellite, Christian); Methodist; Nazarene; Quaker. 

+ + + + + + + + + +

Eld. James ASHTON (1641-1705), Primitive Baptist
Rev. Henry LOVEALL (1694-1778), Freewill Baptist
Rev. Morgan MORGAN (1737-1797), Episcopalian
Rev. Thomas MUSICK (1756-1842), Baptist
Rev. Wayne Sawyer, Nazarene 
Rev. James SIBBITT, Presbyterian
Eld. William David SCRIVNER, Jr. (1855-1924), Baptist
Rev. Alexander SULLENS (1830-1905), Disciples of Christ
Rev. Edward E. SULLENS (1865-1942), Methodist
Rev. Enos A. SULLENS (1867-1934), Methodist
Rev. James SULLENS (1860-1908), Methodist

Baptist including Primitive Baptist;  Catholic;  Church of God of Holiness;  Disciples of Christ;  Episcopalian;  Jehovah Witness;  Lutheran;  Methodist;  Nazarene; Presbyterian

Post compiled by Dolores J. Rush. Updated: 3-9-2020. 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

How Are We Related to Jessica Biel Timberlake?

Robertson Roberts                                        Daniel H. Allen (1807-1878)
+ Vianna D (_____)                                      + Nancy (Loveall) (1809- 1856)
           |                                                                          |
Rufus Bolton Roberts (1835-____)      +      Sarah (Allen) (1836-____)
+ Hannah Jane (Miller) (1861-1921)         + James Robert Bittle (1858-1843)
          |                                                                          |
James Conaway Roberts (1893-1962)       Alice Isabelle (Bittle) (1877-1951)
+ Flora Zobeda (Brazier) (1895-1990)      + Ephraim David RUSH (1869-1942)
Norma Jean (Roberts) (b. 1929)                 
+ Garth L. Conroe (1927-1997)
Kimberly (Conroe)
 + Jonathan Edward Biel
Jessica Claire (Biel) (b. 1982)
+ Justin Timberlake (b. 1981)
Silas Randall Timberlake (b. 2015)
New Son (b. 2020)

Jessica Claire Biel Timberlake, Miller County Museum, Tuscumbia, MO.
Season 9, Episode 5, "Who Do You Think You Are." 

More To Read:

1."Jessica Biel Timberlake". Miller County Historical Society, Tuscumbia, MO; March 2017. Vol. 9, Issue 1. Front Page. Miller County Museum website.

2. Garth Lawn Conroe, b. 7-25-1927; LA Junta, Otoe Co, Colorado. d. 12-12-1997; Saluda, Chaffee Co, Colorado. US. Navy, plumber. 

3. Aunt Peggy Ann Conroe Findagrave #61103589

4. "Jessica Biel Discovers Her [Paternal] Ancestors' Jewish History on 'Who Do You Think 
You Are?' By Entertainment Tonight.

5. Edward Lincoln Biel Findagrave # 119265674

6. Mary Francis Bittle Death Certificate # 13199

7. Kimberly Conroe, DNA Match

8. The Rush Report: The Descendants of William Rush, Westmoreland Co, Virginia (1615-??) and Descendants of Henson Rush, Adair Co, Kentucky (Abt. 1794-1848) and Miller County, Missouri. Allied Families: Loveall, McAlister, Williams, Winters and also: Bittle, Farley, Johnston, Mertell, and Spalding. Compiled by Gaynelle Jenkins Moore. March 2003. Research Assistance By David Wayne Rush., p. 117. 

9. The Loveall Report: The Descendants of Rev. Henry Loveall, an Able and Worthy Preacher, Baltimore Co, Maryland (1694-aft. 1772) and Descendants of Jonathan Loveall, Sr. Maryland, Pennsylvania and Kentucky (abt. 1744-aft. 1833) and Allied Families: Bittle, Jenkins, Mertell, Roberts, Rush, Smith, Sullens, Williams, Winters. Compiled by Gaynelle Jenkins Moore. April 2010. p. 129. 

10. The James Robert Bittle Family Tree. Compiled by Ada Maxine (Shackleford) McDonald. Jefferson City, MO., p. 34.

by David W. and Dolores J. Rush, Updated: 7/31/2020.