Friday, June 18, 2010

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  1. Can anyone tell me how/why the Halderman family was one of the allied families of the David W. Rush family? I am the great grand-daughter of John (Allen) George Halderman, grand-daughter of Charles Edwards Halderman, daughter of Helen Louise Halderman (who died recently 4/26/11).

  2. Cherie, your great-grandfather John (Allen) George Halderman was married to Jessie Margaret Winters. Jessie's parents were Alrick David Winters and Nancy Ellen Rush. Alrick's parents were Louis Hollaway Winters and Margaret Loveall. Nancy Ellen's parents were John William Rush and Louisa Kemp.
    Does this answer your question?
    I'm going to get the upcoming Rush Reunion information posted in a few days. My husband would love to have you and your family come. He would also like to update your family's descendants.
    Thank you for posting! :)

  3. Jessie was my grandfather's sister. She passed away very young. Cherie you can find all her information that I have found on my ancestry tree. I think I have you as able to get in and see everything. ~Kathleen

  4. how can i get a copy/read Oneal Family History by Milton D. Oneal?

    1. While I inherited three published genealogy books from my grandmother, the Oneal genealogy was not one of them. I took notes from her copy of Milton's research, however, I don't believe her copy still exists as my Aunt burned her papers. Sorry!


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