Monday, April 16, 2018

Ancestry DNA Test Results

I'm kind of  skeptical about DNA testing, but David was curious to know about his, especially since was offering a sale on the test.  So he spit into the test tube provided,  sent the box off and these are the results that came back today:


44 % Great Britain 
40 % Ireland, Scotland & Wales
11 % Western Europe
4 % Scandinavia

(No surprises on any of those, however, the one below is! Hum!)

1 % Middle East 


A cousin who has had the DNA testing done said: "Ancestry uses an autosomal DNA test. It's the best of both worlds in that it tests for maternal and paternal ancestors." Here are 5 things you need to know before taking the test. 

I've been watching some YouTube videos of people who have received their DNA test results back and were disappointed for various reasons. Remember that the DNA test is only a tool to further your genealogical research. For instance, if you have hit a brick wall and haven't figured out how to get over it or around it, this might give you clues as to where to go next in your search for the next piece of the family jigsaw puzzle. Your family tree will probably not be all laid out for you. It will take a little work on your part, beginning with yourself and working backward to make your family tree. Of course, there will be cousins along the way who have been on the same genealogical journey that you can exchange information with. That's the fun part - getting acquainted with cousins whose ancestors knew your ancestors and either died or moved and lost touch with each other. 
I have several articles on this blog that tells you about various aspects of genealogical research. Look under the labels listing those articles -- Charts, Code, Paper Trail, Tips, Tool, etc.
Here's a good article about understanding your DNA test results - click here

Update (4.16.2018): I received my test results finally from


England and Wales - 70%
Ireland and Scotland - 27%
Norway - 3%

The closest cousin match was a 1st/2nd cousin and I didn't recognize most of the names. Some have family trees, but many do not. Prepare yourself for surprises that may show up! 👼

If you are related to either one of us and feel comfortable sharing here, please feel free to tell us your results in the comments below. 


  1. Just thought I'd add that surprises abound such as surprise family members. I would suggest caution if you cannot keep an open mind about your ancestors and family.

  2. Remember that the ethnicity results are just 'fun' and should not be taken as really accurate. The three major testing companies will give you three different views, not consistent ones, and they will be based on the sampling they have done in various areas in the world . . . sampling that improves as time goes on. The value of the tests is in finding cousins with segments that match yours and then cousins with segments that match theirs and yours. You can begin to build up your tree, in some cases, and in many cases help others build up their trees. Some of those others do not know who their blood relatives are and it can be very helpful to them if you will share your tree with them. Having the results up and not having a tree is kind of pointless, but it seems a lot of people just want to see what their ethnicity might look like . . . or they got a kit for Christmas and have to send in the sample or look ungrateful! It is an excellent idea to put your data on GEDmatch, which is free and allows you to compare segments with others who tested with one of the other services. Ancestry shows nothing on a chromosome map/browser . . . so you can't really compare segments on Ancestry. Ancestry is great in some other ways, though . . . (been doing this a long time . . . )


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