Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rush Reunion 2015

Tis the season again. I'm addressing Rush Reunion reminders to go out snail mail for this year's reunion. Hopefully, there won't be any snafu's with the city like last year (double-booking the shelter), as we have had the same time, same day of the week and month for many years in the same ole spot, paid in advance. But, just in case we run into the same problem, it might be wise to bring lawn chairs and a card or camping table to hold your contribution to our family potluck or a TV tray to eat from because we're having it there again!
If you haven't gotten a reminder in a while, it could be that you have forgotten to send me your new address when you moved, so if you would like to be reinstated to the list, please drop your current name/ address in the comments below along with a statement about how you are related to the Rush family. I promise I will not publish your address on this website. Please note that spammer comments will be deleted.
If you have never been on the Rush reunion reminder list and would like to be, please drop your current snail mail address in the comments below and tell me how you are related to the Rush family. Again, I promise I will not publish your address nor sell or rent it to any advertisers. I don't like spam in my mailbox anymore than you do!
If you have a question about the reunion, drop it into the comment box below and click on "notify me" before publishing your question or return in a couple of days for my reply below this email. If you want to keep your identity private, say so, and I will not publish your question, however I will do my best to reply publically without using your identity.

See you at the reunion! 

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