Sunday, October 19, 2014


Road map? Check. Cemetery map? Check. Good shoes for walking? Check. Bug spray? Check. Pair of scissors or hand trimmer? Check. Spray bottle full of water? Check. Small nylon bristle brush? Check. Pair of scissors or hand trimmers. Check.  List of tombstones I want to take photos of? Check. Spiral notebook, clipboard, and several pens for additional notes? Check. Camera? Check.  Tote bag to carry everything in to the cemetery? Check. Camp or lawn chair?  Check.
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This afternoon we decided to visit several small cemeteries within a five mile radius of the area of south Kansas City, MO. where I grew up.  

We took a photo of the front gate of each cemetery, so we would know which cemetery we were at on our camera roll. 

Blue Ridge Cemetery, Grandview, MO

Blue Ridge Cemetery, Grandview, MO.

New Santa Fe Cemetery, Kansas City, MO.

Mt. Pleasant--King Cemetery, Kansas City, MO.

Martin City -- Klapmeyer Cemetery, Kansas City, MO.
It was a beautiful day for walking and our dog, Lily, enjoyed it too!