Sunday, January 12, 2014

It Might Be In Your Genes!

What’s your family disease heritage? While doctors cannot predict 100% of the time you or your descendants will have certain diseases, the predisposition to some seem to be genetic in nature, depending on your combination of inherited DNA genes. Some of our ancestors have had appendix, various types of cancer,  diabetes, febrile seizures, gallbladder problems, and illnesses of the brain organ.
Which makes me curious to know where I inherited my pigmentary glaucoma from, because I’ve never heard of any ancestor who has had this disease. It’s a birth defect. Mom said she really messed me up! LOL! I also have several other conditions that I live with on a daily basis. The blue eyes I was born with will eventually turn brown. Right now they are a hazel color.
January is National Glaucoma Month. Just like you get your breast exams in October (men shouldn’t be excluded from this as they also can get breast cancer), so January should be your month to get your eye exams. I was diagnosed several years ago with the pigmentary glaucoma. It usually pops up in a persons' middle age and mine did too, right on schedule. It’s a fairly rare disease I’m told. My eye doctor told me to think of it this way = 100% is the population of the United States = 5% of that 100% have some type of glaucoma, whether they are aware of it or not. 1% of that 5% of all glaucoma patients have my type of glaucoma. And just recently one of my sisters was told she is losing the pigment cells in her irises, a precursor to this condition.
I don’t live my life as a hypochondriac in fear, but I’ve become more aware of the physical legacy handed down from my ancestors. I’ve also told our son of the diseases that we know about, so that he can inform his doctor should anything crop up. If you are one of my relatives and know of an ancestor or of another descendant in our generation who has or might have had this condition, please drop me a line in the comment section below. If you wish to know more about pigmentary glaucoma or other types of glaucoma, click here.

Happy National Glaucoma Month and to Healthy Eyes!
Update: Scientists found something huge that all blue-eyed people have in common!