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William "Bill" McKinley Carrender

Bert & Bill's 50th
William "Bill" McKinley Carrender (1898-1989) = Logger (cut timber for staves). Farmer.  Bill was born on July 24 to George Alfred (1852-1920) and Lucy GOOD CARRENDER (1874-1944) in Cole County, MO. He was their fourth child of five children and their first son. His last years were spent in the care of his first daughter and he died in his sleep at her home in Wyandotte County, Kansas on January 8, but was laid to rest in the same county he was born in at the Hickory Hill, MO. Cemetery.

His wife of fifty-eight years, Bertha "Bert" Edith (1904-1991) was born in Miller County, MO. on April 19 to Joseph (1866-1947) and Mary "Mollie" Elizabeth STAPP GOLDEN (1870-1914). She passed away just a few days shy of her 87th birthday on April 8 in Cole County, MO. They married on January 11, 1931 and their last home together was a small cottage in the small village of Henley, Cole Co., Missouri.

Bill and Bert had four children. The first one, a daughter, eloped by bus, to meet and marry her fiance. He was stationed at the army base, Fort Bliss, in El Paso, TX. They went to Los Cruces, New Mexico to get married by a justice of the peace. Must have been true love as they will celebrate their 60th anniversary this spring. And by the way, they begat five children.

Their second daughter, (1934-1973), married and had two boys.

The third one married twice; the second time after she was widowed. She had six children, including a pair of twins by her first husband and two more by her second.

The fourth child, finally a male descendant, (1939-1986), married; had three children, but, sadly, his marriage ended in divorce.

Thus Bill and Bert's four children yielded eighteen grandchildren all told.

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