Saturday, January 12, 2013

Emigrating Ancestors

My dictionary defines " to migrate" as to change one's place of abode on a seasonal basis such as migrating birds; " to emigrate" means permanently leaving the country or region from a certain point of departure; " to immigrate" is defined as relocating to a country or region in which one is not native in order to settle there; and " to transmigrate" also means migrating or passing from one place or condition to another.

For our purpose, we are titling this article as "Emigrating Ancestors." They have uprooted themselves from one country and have moved lock, stock, and barrel to another, in this case, to the Americas to seek a better life. As we find more ancestors whom have emigrated from there to here, we'll continue to add them to this list. All dates are approximate.

GOLDEN, William (1613-1672) Emigrated from Ireland in 1635 on the ship "George Jo." Died in Monmouth Co, NJ.

LOVEALL, Henry (1694-1772). Emigrated from Cambridgeshire, England. Died in Baltimore Co, MD.

MORGAN, Col. Morgan (1688-1766) Emigrated from Wales. Died in Berkeley Co, WV.

RUSH, William (1615-1690); Emigrated 1635. Ship: Matthew of London."

STEPP, James (bc. 1760) England.

STOUT, Richard (1614-1705); Emigrated from Nottinghamshire, England. Died in Middletown, N.J.

SULLENS, John (1739-1808) Son of Richard. Emigrated from England. Died in St. Louis Co., MO.

SULLENS, Richard (1720-1771) Father of John, Josiah & Nathan. Emigrated from England. Died in Putnam Co, TN.

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