Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rush Reunion Recap

Our family reunion day dawned pleasant, cool, and fair. Actually it wasn’t too bad under the shelter at the park. It helps when there is a little breeze, however, I heard that the pool numbers were down from the previous years. And I’m sorry about the miscommunication about the time. Hope it didn’t spoil your fun!
The attendee that came the farthest drove straight through from California. Also, the cousin who introduced David to me via a blind date was there. We were delighted to see all who attended!
And yes, I did write the reunion invitation poem. I’ve had several poems published, mostly in literary magazines in my youth. I decided this year I would crank up the creaky writing skills and get to work. It took me awhile without a rhyming dictionary, but I’m glad to say, I believe the poem came out all right! It said what it needed to say! *smile*
I must say though, I don’t know what happened to all the picnic tables (must make note to self = remind folks to bring lawn chairs and card tables next year). There wasn’t enough seating to go round. Hey, family, if you are reading this, call or write Eldon, MO’s Chamber of Commerce and urge them to purchase or build more picnic tables or get up the 4-H’ers, Boy Scouts or a high school shop class to make and donate some more. I’m sure they would appreciate it! We will!
Did you get to visit our table at the reunion? We had “Rush Report” order forms and copies of each of Gaynelle Moore’s books for your viewing pleasure as well as many ancestral photos to view. Also, I think the neatest thing was Rev. Alexander Sullen’s certificate, signed by the President of the United States, for his service in the Civil War which we received when David ordered his veteran tombstone from the government. Alexander is buried at the Spring Garden, MO. cemetery where the Christian church once stood.
There was electricity at the shelter. David had his laptop hooked up to it.
In regard to the Reunion invitation address list – I do not share it with anyone except those members of the family directly involved in the reunion planning. And we are often the last ones to know when family members move, pass away, or get married. In the past few years, I’ve sent out directory update forms but few have been returned. IF you are interested in receiving a notice to the next reunion, please try to remember to contact us when your situation changes. I especially need your descendants’ (grown children who move out) addresses. And even if your last name isn’t RUSH, but you are descended from a RUSH, or are related to one through marriage, you are welcome to come! The more the merrier!
And for your information, only dead relatives are allowed on our blog, unless we get your permission to relay your personal data such as in the “Family Links” for research or advertising purposes (at our discretion, see side menu) or if you make a comment under an article. If you wish to comment or ask a question and feel uncomfortable about leaving your full name, please leave your first name and I will answer underneath yours via the pop-up comment page (return to blog for answer) or leave your email address (again I state I will not share it) and I will answer you via our reunion email. Use whichever method that suits you best.
David and I tried to get to the Miller County Museum before they closed, but didn’t quite make it. One or two family members headed over to Rush Chapel Cemetery to check it out! Then at suppertime, a large group gathered at Lehman’s Mennonite Restaurant over in Versailles for the best open-faced roast beef sandwiches with mashed potatoes and brown gravy (they also have a dinner/salad bar w/ dessert; Yum!) and a few split off to go miniature golfing in Osage Beach. There was worship at the Eldon Nazarene church the next morning and shopping at the local flea markets in the afternoon with lots of visiting in between. I enjoyed myself, did you?

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