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Memory Scrapbooking Papers

In my last article on Heritage Scrapbooking, I explained the basics of what to collect to put into your scrapbook. My husband and I have been looking at hobby stores when we go out and about and online and there are companies out there that are now producing product that cater to family historians. Here are a few.

For starters, my mother gave me a thin paperback book from Deja Views, called “Heritage Technique and Idea Book”. It’s from their Time and Again Vintage Inspired Collection by Lori Pieper, Sharon Kropp, and Norma Manak; 2002 that went with a couple of vinyl decorative scrapbook templates. I love this book! I plan to use this book as a jumping off point when I re-create our family albums. (Note: previous photo albums were damaged in a flood, but that’s a story for another time.)

Next I found three, very good books at my local library on scrapbooking old photographs. The first one is called “Scrapbooking Your Family History.” By Laura Best. A Sterling/Chapelle Book, NY; 2005. The second and third ones are both by Maureen A. Taylor = “Preserving Your Family Photographs: How to Organize, Present,and Restore Precious Family Images” Betterway Books, Cincinnati, OH; 2001 and “Scrapbooking Your Family History” Betterway Books, Cincinnati, OH.; 2003. If your library doesn’t carry them, perhaps you can order them through World Cat (it’s an interlibrary catalogue of books from other library systems around the world). My library doesn’t charge for interlibrary loans within the USA, but I know some libraries do. If that fails or is too costly for your pocketbook, perhaps you can purchase them at a local new/used bookstore or online.

We have found product in different nostalgic styles and colors. What do you like best? If you don’t know, here’s a variety below that might help you decide =
  • Antique Toys/Comics/Literature/Old School (think old paper dolls; baby handprints; old comic books; Alice in Wonderland, early Disney illustrations; jacks, jumpropes, rocking horses & wagons; old one room schoolhouse; blackboards, block printing; alphabet strips);
  • Beach/Tropical (sand, pastel colors, lighthouses, macrame, sea shells, palm trees; flamingos); Bistro (think little French/Italian cafĂ© chefs);
  • Colonial (Early Americana);
  • Exotic (animal prints, safari, Asian);
  • Kitschy or Retro (1940s, 1950s, 60s, 70s);
  • Rustic (vintage camp, bears, deers, elk, log cabins, row boats, earthtones);
  • Shabby Chic (vintage/romantic tea garden theme, distressed white metal containers or wicker, lace, vintage Valentines, etc);
  • Traditional (classic, sophisticated patterns like argyle, diamonds, paisley, plaid, and tweed);
  • Western/Southwestern/Country (think Cowboys and Indians, pioneers, Little House on the Prairie, calico, quilts, cactus, coyotes); or
  • Vintage (Victorian, Edwardian, Gothic romantic). Choose papers accordingly.
Like me, you may decide you don’t want one style of scrapbook decoration, but a happy eclectic mixture of what you love.

Next, decide on the color combinations you are drawn to and incorporate them into your scrapbook. Personally, I like to stick to certain color combinations in one project as I feel it gives a harmonious look to the whole book. I usually purchase enough scrapbook paper to make a photo spread (two pages that face each other) and rubber stamp stickers to match. You can purchase stickers or die-cuts, if you aren’t into rubber stamping. Sometimes, certain styles, like those mentioned above, dictate color choices. For instance, faded colors of cream, beige, putty, parchment, sand, tarnished gold, tea brown, olive green, smoky grey, jet black, linen, and French country blue evokes an antique mood. When artist Mary Engelbreit first hit the market, her bright colors caught my eye and I was riveted, but as we’ve both matured, she and I have added lighter colors to our palettes. I also like the cottagey tea garden theme of rose pink, sage green, and off-white of Shabby Chic. It makes me feel deliriously romantic. LOL!

David and I have been trying to collect enough scrapbook supplies (ie. Paper, rubber stamps or stickers, charts, etc.) to reconstruct his and her heritage albums. His color choices are different than mine. He dislikes pink, mint green, and white and is drawn to blue. I would add neutral colors to his blue, like tan, off-white, and black or brown in woodtones or rich leather plus maybe deep burgandy for a pop of color –a traditional vintage color combination!

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* American Traditional Designs Family Tree paper = Family Tree Men (in blues) #PA-0394.

* Anything Tim Holtz is definitely vintage!

* Civil War Paper! #KCW4. Kersten Scrapbook Collection license exclusively by Sugartree. Also #KCW10. And Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, #KCW12. Civil War Flags, #KCW1.

* Creative Imaginations, #8214 Heritage Gold Imprint of John Deere Tractors in tarnished gold.

* EK Success Family Traditions vellum and papers, = Almanac #OTM284V. Looks like old newspaper. And “Blessed Grandfather”, #OTM278V.

* Graphic 45 Fashionista Collection Bon Marche #4500073. Very Vintage. And Playtimes Past Collection Dollie’s Teaparty #4500032.

* Karen Foster Design ( has a Family Tree Scrapbook Paper Kit #20441 and includes 8 (12” x 12”) papers and 2 sticker sheets. I would say it’s a campy retro style.
She also has #64098 Family Reunion Collage paper.

* Life’s Journey Family Record paper by K & Company. # 64077 638426. Traditional Vintage in style.

* October Afternoon, = “Recess, #PP-090 and Story Hour, #PP-092 are antique schoolhouse papers with coordinating patterns on the back of each.

* Paperbilities Scrap-N-Treasures Antique Kit, #MPR-72024. Includes 2 (12” x 12”) printed cardstock papers, 2 (8” x 12”) printed papers, 2 (8.5” x 11”) specialty papers, 9 (6” x 8”) printed papers, 1 (6” x 8”) printed tag, 5 assorted tags and 2 miniature envelopes in vintage colors of oatmeal, black, brown, and gold.

* Rusty Pickle/Pickle Press = “Taylor Made Lumber” #RP33 will suit those lumber loggers or carpenters in the family. I picked up a tiny checked paper print in olive green to coordinate.

* It Takes Two, = #COTOB LS152 Generation paper.

* Vintage Army, #B2140 by NRN Designs.

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