Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome To Long Lost Relatives

David’s kin, Cherie Compotaro, recently found us through a link on the Find-a-Grave website and we’ve been swapping photos and stories and an invitation to the next Family Reunion to which we hope she’ll come to along with her mother. She’s likes genealogy as much as we do and I have added links to her family research website to my side menu. She has several family related blogs, lots of pictures and family recipes. Go say your howdys!


  1. My grandmother Goldie Winters Hooper Harrison recently passed away on Jan 26 2012. I came across this site looking up Rush/Winters and here I am.

  2. Thanks Dolores! :) And welcome Melzora!! :)(:

  3. Goodness me, I was so excited about a new relative that I clean forgot my manners. Please forgive me, Melzora, and know that I welcome you! Please feel free to visit again.


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