Saturday, January 7, 2012


Cookbooks can be another source to document your ancestors, especially your female side. Churches, clubs and periodicals such as newspapers and magazines often compiled submissions from members or readers into book form as a fund-raising project. Most document the person who submitted the recipe. In my small collection of cookbooks at home, I have a cookbook from the The Wichita Beacon (1933); Capper’s Weekly newspaper (1980); the La Leche League International (1981); the Taste of Home magazine (1995); Tea: The Magazine (2006; I submitted a recipe to “Scones, Shortbread and More”); Mary Engelbreit (2010); and several church cookbooks. Most of the church cookbooks I have were published by Cookbook Publishers, 2101 Kansas City Road, Olathe, Kansas.
Below are a couple of recipes of my paternal grandmother’s recipes that her church ladies group—the Women of the Pleasant Prairie Church of God, published in their cookbooks in the 1980--90s. I was gifted with one copy of each for Christmas and now have tangible link to the past when I make the recipes my Grandma Gladys made.

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