Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Fair

One of the highlights of country life is exhibiting or working in county or state fairs. While listening in to several conversations going on around me at the reunion, I heard rumors that there might be exhibitors at one of the upcoming county fairs? Great show and tell for all the kid’s hard work this past year in 4-H, Future Farmers of America or in scouting.
I know that several family members have worked at or exhibited at our state fair in Sedalia, Missouri in the past. If you have won a ribbon, congratulations! Please make a note of it in the comments below and tell what you won the ribbon for so all of us can congratulate you also!
I picked up a brochure for this year’s fair and it will be August 11-21, 2011. Some of the activities mentioned were: Farm Toy show, robotics competition, monster truck show, Red Hat Ladies events, concert bands of all kinds, carnival, tractor pulls, science exhibits, wood carving exhibit, horses, a lumberjack show, pig races, a petting zoo, a rodeo, antique classic tractor pull, bull riding, plus all the usual arts/craft exhibits, the animals exhibits, flowers and garden vegies, shopping, feeding the face places and so forth. In the past, I’ve enjoyed visiting the Dairy building and looking at the butter carving of the cow (good place for ice cream too), the Missouri Highway Department building, the Missouri Conservation building, Missouri State Fair Museum, the Home Arts building, and the arts/crafts exhibits.
Lots of hot walking, so wear a good pair of trotting duds and comfortable clothing along with a cap to keep your brains from frying. Bring your own wheelchair/stroller (there are free tram rides for the senior set). The wheelchair/stroller rental at the front gate will want you to leave an arm & a leg with them (your hard-earned $$). Also consider bringing a water bottle, an umbrella for your own portable shade or sunscreen and large shoulder tote bag to carry it all in and your purchases too. Have fun!
If you are exhibiting something, stop and drop us a comment below.

Postscript = Did you know that the first MO. State Fair was in Booneville in 1853?

Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 Rush Reunion Was a Great Success

We just arrived back in town from the 2011 Rush reunion. Quite a few people there and several that haven’t attended for some time. Heard there were quite a few at the pool party and it was loads of fun! David and I had a little running around to do and didn’t make it this time, but perhaps next year!
It looked as though we had some newly built picnic tables with stained wood at the shelter, so that was a welcome sight! A bunch of boys were playing basketball down at the other end of the park when we arrived. I noticed there was a under-used skateboard park and an empty softball diamond there too, but the playground equipment was crawling with little bodies having bunches of fun! And there was a bike or two roaming around!
Sorry about the water balloon fight. Didn’t know that the water faucet was turned off! Hey, if you have an idea for a game for the young people, get it up. Don’t wait on the old fogies, like me, to get something started! I got a pain shot for that herniated disc in my back before I went and part of our running around was trying to find me a comfortable lawn chair to sit in. Finally found a large one at the Bass Pro Shop!
There are some wonderful cooks in the Rush family! We had some lip-smacking goodies to eat and if you didn’t get to attend, you missed out! I also want to thank those of you who donated monies to help defray the cost of stationery and postage. I sent out 104 invitations this year. We usually have one or two returned every year “address unknown,” so I have a few names on the list with no current address. If you know of any people who might have come and didn’t get sent an invitation or have passed away, please email us at rushnews dot info at yahoo dot com to let us know. The last two years, I’ve been sending out a Rush Reunion Directory Questionnaire in each letter. Some of you have returned them and some of you haven’t. If you haven’t, please return them. It would be ever so helpful to make sure I have your correct address and family information. Also, if your children/descendants are adults living on their own, please send their addresses so I can add them to the list too!
This year, David was a little under the weather and we didn’t get our table set up as usual over in the corner of the shelter, but he was there with his laptop and family photo albums. I believe the albums did get passed around.
After the reunion, a bunch of us piled into cars and rode down to Pirates Cove Miniature Golfing in Osage Beach, MO on 54 Hwy across from Ozark Maid Candy store. How do you like that new section of the highway? Lily (our chihuahua) and I set up our cheering section behind the golf park fence directly in front of the cooling waters of the waterfall feature. Miniature golfing is one of those fun things I have had to set aside and learn to live without – no repetitive twisting motions at the waist, but it doesn’t mean I can’t go and cheer on someone else!
Sunday morning we attended church at Eldon Church of the Nazarene. I saw quite a few of the Rush family there! Very good sermon on family! Isn’t it amazing how timely God is?