Sunday, May 6, 2018

It Might Be In Your Genes!

What’s your family disorder (abnormalities) heritage? While doctors cannot predict 100% of the time you or your descendants will have certain disorders, the predisposition to some seem to be genetic in nature, depending on your combination of inherited DNA genes. I have listed some of the patterns or tendencies towards inherited conditions that I've observed in our family tree, both mine and my husband's below. 

Which makes me curious to know where I inherited my pigmentary glaucoma from, because I’ve never heard of any ancestor who has had this disorder. It’s a birth defect. Mom said she really messed me up! LOL! I also have several other conditions that I live with on a daily basis. The blue eyes I was born with will eventually turn brown. Right now they are a hazel color.

Two national health months that have come into my horizon (I'm sure there are many more) is January which is National Glaucoma Month and October which is National Breast Cancer Month. Just like you get your breast exams in October (men shouldn’t be excluded from this as they also can get breast cancer), so January should be your month to get your eye exams, so add them to your planner.

I was diagnosed several years ago with the pigmentary glaucoma. It usually pops up in a persons' middle age and mine did too, right on schedule. It’s a fairly rare disorder I’m told. My eye doctor told me to think of it this way = 100% is the population of the United States = 5% of that 100% have some type of glaucoma, whether they are aware of it or not. 1% of that 5% of all glaucoma patients have my type of glaucoma. And just recently one of my sisters was told she is losing the pigment cells in her irises, a precursor to this condition.

I don’t live my life as a hypochondriac in fear, but I’ve become more aware of the physical legacy handed down from my ancestors. I’ve also told our son of the disorders and diseases (infectious) that we know about, so that he can inform his doctor should anything crop up. If you are one of my relatives and know of an ancestor or of another descendant in our generation who has or might have had this eye condition, please drop me a line in the comment section below. If you wish to know more about pigmentary glaucoma or other types of glaucoma, click here

If you are healthy, Thank God for it! 

Dolores' crooked pinky! 

Update: Scientists found something huge that all blue-eyed people have in common!

Update: Since some members of our family have taken their DNA tests (click here to learn more), we've learned of two adopted-out family members. I have interviewed several of our cousins via email during the updating of this article and some of the disorders below are ones that have been observed being passed down through the generations. 

HER MATERNAL SIDE: addictions, allergies, big bones, blue eyes, bipolar,  gallbladder removal, depression, diabetes, pacemaker, senior dementia, sleep apnea, stroke

HER PATERNAL SIDE: ADD, allergies, baldness, blue eyes, cancer, early grey hair, medium sized bones, glaucoma plus super nuclear palsy, glasses, metal allergies, senior hearing loss, stroke, Type 1.5 Chiari Malformation, Syringomyelia, a retroflexed odontoid plus Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

UNKNOWN: anemia, asthma, color blindness, crooked pinkies, extra vertebra, sleep apnea plus nocturnal hypoxia, pigmentary glaucoma, polycystic ovarian syndrome, osteoarthritis,  shorter leg (1/2"), straight-neck syndrome, vitiligo
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

HIS MATERNAL SIDE: baldness, glasses, hypertension, gallbladder removal, scoliosis, 

HIS PATERNAL SIDE: appendix ruptures, bent pinkies, complex febrile seizures, diabetes; one first cousin has different colored eyes

UNKNOWN: chest bone abnormalities, eczema, Osgood-Schlatter,  straight neck syndrome, sleep apnea; 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Ancestry DNA Test Results

I'm kind of  skeptical about DNA testing, but David was curious to know about his, especially since was offering a sale on the test.  So he spit into the test tube provided,  sent the box off and these are the results that came back today:


44 % Great Britain 
40 % Ireland, Scotland & Wales
11 % Western Europe
4 % Scandinavia

(No surprises on any of those, however, the one below is! Hum!)

1 % Middle East 


A cousin who has had the DNA testing done said: "Ancestry uses an autosomal DNA test. It's the best of both worlds in that it tests for maternal and paternal ancestors." Here are 5 things you need to know before taking the test. 

I've been watching some YouTube videos of people who have received their DNA test results back and were disappointed for various reasons. Remember that the DNA test is only a tool to further your genealogical research. For instance, if you have hit a brick wall and haven't figured out how to get over it or around it, this might give you clues as to where to go next in your search for the next piece of the family jigsaw puzzle. Your family tree will probably not be all laid out for you. It will take a little work on your part, beginning with yourself and working backward to make your family tree. Of course, there will be cousins along the way who have been on the same genealogical journey that you can exchange information with. That's the fun part - getting acquainted with cousins whose ancestors knew your ancestors and either died or moved and lost touch with each other. 
I have several articles on this blog that tells you about various aspects of genealogical research. Look under the labels listing those articles -- Charts, Code, Paper Trail, Tips, Tool, etc.
Here's a good article about understanding your DNA test results - click here

Update (4.16.2018): I received my test results finally from


England and Wales - 70%
Ireland and Scotland - 27%
Norway - 3%

The closest cousin match was a 1st/2nd cousin and I didn't recognize most of the names. Some have family trees, but many do not. Prepare yourself for surprises that may show up! 👼

If you are related to either one of us and feel comfortable sharing here, please feel free to tell us your results in the comments below. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Genealogy Etiquette

Have you ever stepped on a wad of freshly chewed gum on the sidewalk? And when you realized what was stuck to your shoe, you became disgusted at the thoughtless person who threw it down there? Tackiness, like that spit out gum, shows lack of honor and integrity and will reflect poorly on your roots, so it behooves you to become aware of basic genealogical manners. Following the GOLDEN RULE is a good beginning --

"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you." ~ Matthew 7:12. 

That said, here are some gummy pitfalls to be aware of: 

1.  It is really tacky to use pre-1940's papers in mixed media paper crafting [excluding a family tree heritage scrapbook -- scrapbook archivists use vintage papers to accompany their ancestor's photos, not using it as a background paper layer to paint over]. 
As family researchers we use a paper trail to prove our ancestors lived. If it is an original document that has a name, date, and location on it, it is a primary document. If it comes from a biography, genealogy, or history book or magazine article, then it is a secondary document. I would love to have a photograph of my 3rd great-grandparents, but I have nothing personal of theirs except the story told by their descendants which I must pair with outside documents to prove their life history.  You know,  if it wasn't for paper ephemera, we would know nothing about our USA and world history that we were taught in school because it comes from the very same type of primary and secondary sources that were saved

2. It's really tacky to create a memorial for somebody before they have had their funeral in order boost your memorial stat count on cemetery websites. So, unselfishly think of the grieving family's feelings and have a little respect and self-control. After the funeral, if a loving family member hasn't created a memorial, then go ahead and create it. 

3. It's also tacky to harvest surnames from somebody's family tree in order to find all the corresponding surname tombstones in local cemeteries in order to make memorials to boost your memorial stats too on interment sites and then refuse to add in information or transfer to family.

In addition, gleaning names from non-family trees to create an artificial family for yourself is really tacky! I believe it could be called identity theft or a mental disorder

4.  To find all the ugly stories about someone's ancestor and publishing them on a website whether they are true or not to publically humiliate the descendants is definitely tacky! Be  graciously kind! 

5. ASK before taking screen shots of photos from genealogy websites and family blogs to put on your family tree. I will appreciate that and will think more highly of you.  Credit me and/or other people as your source and thank us for sharing. (see my citation note up in side menu). 

6. Impatience is tacky and a bully! Kindly share what you know and then back off. Breathing down people's necks isn't conducive to loving family relationships. Building a family tree is time-consuming as good researchers must check and pair all the details with other documents, some of which may be harder to find.  Also mistakes may appear from time to time. Correct in love. 

7. It is tacky to not respond as soon as possible to email or snail-mail, even if you don't know the answer to the question posed. At least, acknowledge that you received their query. 

8. Plagiarism is tacky too! For example, plagiarism is copying a poem word for word and sending it to a magazine to be published as yours. Call it what it is -- it's stealing. Write your own poem, using your own words! You never know, give yourself some credit; yours might actually be better than the one you wanted to copy. 

Also, cite your sources. It's tacky if you don't. 

9Playing games often includes taking turns. You throw the ball back and forth. Just as it is poor sportsmanship to hang onto the ball and not throw it to the next person, it is tacky to take and take and never return the favor. However, on the other side of the coin, it is also tacky to ask someone to fill in your family tree for you and then accuse them of hoarding information when they refuse, when you can very well find it for yourself, just as they have done. 

10. If you make a mistake, it is tacky not to apologize and correct it. 

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable -- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -- think about such things. What you have learned or received or heard from me or seen in me -- put it into practice." ~ Philippians 4:8-9

Don't be the gum stuck to somebody's shoe! 

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Documents of Alford E. Ullom's First Family

A Work in Progress: It’s like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle, fitting in one piece at a time and wondering at the lovely picture of our kin when they finally reveal themselves. 

Alford E. Ullom (1847-1928) +  1st. Samantha Jane Pitman (1848-1891)
son of Lorenzo Dow Ullom (1821-1908) + Hannah Emerick (1824-1911)
daughter of 
Findagrave #25885749

FARMERS HOME, 115 West Eighth St, Coffeyville, KS

Source: City Directory, Coffeyville, KS, 1901. Received from Carl Rauch, Montgomery County, KS Historical Society. 

* * * * * * * * * *
1. Clarence Ullom (1870-1935)  + 1st. Mary (aka. Mildred) ? ( - )
son of Alford Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman
daughter of 
2nd: Hettie Emerick 
2nd: daughter of 

1a. Hazel Ullom (1929-____)
2a. Uriah Orville Ullom (

Business Card:
2825 So. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA.
phone 24818    
steam heat                                    
newly furnished

* * * * * * * * * *
2. Albertus "Bert" Ullom (1872-1944)
son of Alford Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman

child: Gwendlyn Ullom

* * * * * * * * * *
3. James "Jim" Edward Ullom (1874-1948) + Jesse Main
son of Alford Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman
daughter of Fred L. Main + 

Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Robert "Bob" Ullom
Edna Ullom
Dorothy Jean Ullom

Newspaper Clipping
J.E. Ullom has
for the past five years been manager of the E. W. Steinhart company, distributor for the Cadillac and Dodge Brothers automobiles. It is largely through the untiring effort of Mr. Ullom and the success that he has acquired in Terre Haute that the officials of the E. W. Steinhart companies of Indiana at Indianapolis, determined to erect the new $150,000 structure, which will be formally opened this week. 
Source: unknown newspaper clipping.
Popular Young Woman Dies As Result of Auto Accident Here Sunday Evening.
Edna Ullom, 19 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ullom, 2023 South Seventh Street, died at the Union hospital at 11 o'clock Wednesday night from injuries sustained in an automobile accident last Sunday night. The immediate cause of death was pneumonia, developing from injury to the lungs.
Miss Ullom was riding with Floyd Dix, near Mt. Pleasant church, when the automobile ran into a ditch and was overturned, catching Miss Ullom beneath the weight of the machine. Dr. A. H. Caffee of this city and other automobilists were on the scene shortly after the accident and rendered assistance. Dix was not injured.
The injured young woman was brought to the home of her parents and later was removed to the hospital. An x-ray examination Monday afternoon disclosed the serious nature of the injuries and at that time it was stated that Miss Ullom had but a slight chance for recovery.
Miss Ullom was active in the affairs of the city's younger social set. She was a junior at the Indiana State Normal school and a member of the Alpha sorority. Besides the parents she is survived by a brother, Robert, and a sister, Dorothy. 
Miss Ullom was preparing to enter the University of Wisconsin within a few weeks. She was talented and accomplished and her tragic injury and death were the source of grief  among her many friends and acquaintances. 
She was loved and admired for her high womanly qualities. At the hospital her room was banked with flowers, and Thursday a stream of sympathetic callers visited the Ullom residence to express their sentiments to the stricken parents.
Source: unknown newspaper clipping.


Impressive Tribute Paid in Last Rites for Young Woman.
Marked by the simplicity and sincerity that has always been evidenced in her life, the funeral of Miss Edna Ullom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Ullom was held yesterday afternoon at the home, 2023 South Seventh Street. Amid banked flowers that came as tributes to a wonderful personality and character, surrounded by friends and relatives bearing the shock bravely, impressive services were held, followed with burial in Highland Lawn cemetery.
Miss Ullom's death Wednesday night at the Union hospital, coming from complications which developed from injuries sustained Sunday evening in an automobile accident ended what physicians and nurses termed one of the pluckiest fights for life they have known. At no time did she complain nor show in any manner the suffering -- a superbly cheerful spirit carrying her bravely through long hours.
All these things were expressed by the Rev. John Herring of the First Congregational Church in the tribute, he conducted the funeral service. "Abide with Me" sung by Mrs. Clay Ladd and Mrs. Walter Hoffsinger, was requested by the parents. George Kadel, college chum of Floyd E. Dix, who was with Miss Ullom in the accident, sang "One Sweetly Solemn Thought."
At the cemetery the final services were held and the casket was lowered by six young friends of Miss Ullom, who acted at pallbearers -- Charles Haupt, Jr., Howard Cheney, Frank Ranahan, Raymond Armstrong, Charles Boland, and William Cooke.
Attended Normal School.
Miss Ullom was born Sept. 22, 1902, at Wilmington, ILL. where she attended school through 1914. The family came to Terre Haute in 1915 and in the spring of 1916, she was graduated from Fairbanks school. That fall she entered the Normal high school and was graduated in 1920, after which she took up the studies of the home economics course of the Indiana State Normal with the intention of specializing so that she might teach. While at the college she became a member of the Alpha Sorority.
Surviving in the immediate family are the parents, a brother, Robert, and a sister, Dorothy Jean. Other relatives here for the funeral were her grandfather, Fred L. Main, of Siloam Springs, Ark.; Mrs. and Mrs. Bert Ullom and daughter Gwendolyn, Indianapolis; Mr. & Mrs. John Karstedt, Indianapolis; Mrs. Hannah Warner, Mrs. Ollie Nixon, and Mr. & Mrs. John S. White, Chicago. Close friends from out of town included: Misses Margaret Tanner and Elizabeth Butler, Joliet, ILL.; Miss Charlotte Curry, attending Wisconsin University and Raymond Armstrong from the University of Illinois.
Miss Ullom was preparing to enter the University of Wisconsin within a few weeks. She was talented and accomplished and her tragic injury and death were the source of grief among her many friends and acquaintances.
She was loved and admired for her high womanly qualities. At the hospital her room was banked with flowers, and Thursday a stream of sympathetic callers visited the Ullom residence to express their sentiments to the stricken parents.
Source: Unknown newspaper clipping. 1921. 

* * * * * * * * * *
4. Hannah Ullom (1879-1943) + Ernest Preston Warner (1850- 1918) 
daughter of Alford Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman
son of 

See a letter written by Hannah here
See Hannah's Heirship Proof Letter.

Ernest Preston Warner, husband of Hannah Warner, a resident of San Diego for several years at 3907 Goldfinch street, died Monday in Los Angeles, while under the care of a specialist. Mr. Warner was a well-known sportsman of the Middle West, being a member of the Chicago Yacht Club and was the owner of the yacht "Alice," which was many time a winner in the races conducted on Lake Michigan by the Yacht Club. Mr. Warner was born April 4, 1850; in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Funeral services will be held today at 3 pm, at Pierce Brothers' chapel in Los Angeles.
Source: unknown newspaper clipping dated Feb. 4, 1918, 3:40 am. Received from Louise LaRue.

* * * * * * * * * *

5. Belinda "Lina" Ullom (1881-____) + John Karstedt 

daughter of Alford E. Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman
son of 

* * * * * * * * * *
6. Olivia "Ollie" Ullom (1885-1946) +  James Hutton Nixon 
daughter of Alford E. Ullom + Samantha J. Pitman
son of

* * * * * * * * * *
7. Samantha Jane Ullom (1891)
daughter of Alford Ullom + Samantha Pitman

* * * * * * * * * *
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