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Documents of James Bailey Family

A Work in Progress: It's like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle, fitting in one piece at a time and wondering at the lovely picture of our kin when they finally reveal themselves. 

James Bailey (1828-1903) & & Cynthia E. Morris (1837-1857)
son of _____ Bailey & 
daughter of Daniel Morris (1805-1871) & ____ Tilford (____-____)
Findagrave #68079755

* * * * * * * * * * 
1. William M. Bailey (1857-1863)
son of James Bailey + Cynthia E. Morris

* * * * * * * * * * 
James Bailey (1828-1903) & Hester Ann Morris (1844-1925)
daughter of Daniel Morris (1805-1871) & ____ Tilford (____-____)

1880 US Census
Bailey, James, White, male, 53 yrs, head, married, occupation - farmer, birthplace-OH, father's birth place-VA, mother's birthplace-VA
------, Hester, white, female, 39 yrs., wife, married, occupation - keeping house, birthplace-IL, father's birthplace-KY, mother's birthplace-KY
------, Mary E., white, female, 18 yrs. daughter, single, birthplace-IL, father's birthplace-OH, mother's birthplace-IL
------, James D., white, male, 13 yrs., son, single, birthplace-IL
------, Viola, white, female, 11 yrs., dau, single, birthplace-IL
------, America, white, male, 9 yrs., son, single, birthplace-IL
------, George, white, male, 4 yrs., son, single, birthplace-MO
------, Delilah, white, female, 2/12 mos. birth month- Apr. , dau., single, birthplace-MO

Source: 1880 US Federal Census for District 278, Jackson Twp., Gentry Co, Missouri, USA. Line 28. Retrieved from
Missouri State Board of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics Certificate of Death #17771
County - Gentry
City - Stanberry
Full Name - Mrs. Hester Ann Bailey
Sex - Female, Race-White, Marital Status - Widowed
Date of Birth - June 14, 1844, Age - 81 yrs, 1 da.
Date of Death - June 16, 1925
Cause of Death - Heart Troubles & Rheumatism
Place of Burial - Stanberry, MO, 6-18-1925
Name of Father - Daniel Morris, birthplace-KY
Maiden Name of Mother - Tilford, birthplace-KY
Informant - Gracie Bailey, Stanberry, MO.

Undertaker - L. Phillips, Stanberry MO.
Source: Retrieved from website: Missouri Digital Heritage 1910-1967 Death Certificates

* * * * * * * * * * 
Mary E. Bailey (1862-____)
daughter of James Bailey + 

* * * * * * * * * *
James D. Bailey (1867-____)
son of James Bailey + 

* * * * * * * * * *
Viola Bailey (1869-____)

daughter of James Bailey + 

* * * * * * * * * *
America Bailey (1871-____)
son of James Bailey + 

* * * * * * * * * * 
George Washington Bailey (1876-1951)
son of James Bailey + 

The Division of Health of Missouri
Standard Certificate of Death #4402
County - Gentry
City - Stanberry, MO.
Died at Home, 206 Alonthias Ave.
Date of Birth - Apr. 26, 1876.
Date of Death - Feb. 25, 1951, Age 74 yrs.
USA Citizen
Name of Deceased - George Washington Bailey
Sex-Male, White, married
Usual Occupation - Retired Wabash RR Brakeman Foreman
Cause of Death - Apoplexy + Hypertension
Father's Name - James Bailey
Mother's Name - Hester Morrison
Veteran - No
Social Security - 702-05-6931
Informant - Mrs. Lottie Mae Bailey (?)
Name of Cemetery - High Ridge Cemetery, Stanberry, Gentry Co, MO
Undertaker - L. Phillips, Stanberry, MO.

Source: Missouri Death Certificate 
* * * * * * * * * * 
Deliah "Della" Elizabeth (Bailey) LaRue (1879-1943)

daughter of James Bailey + 

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Documents of Daniel L. LaRue Family

A Work in Progress: It's like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle, fitting in one piece at a time and wondering at the lovely picture of our kin when they finally reveal themselves. 

Daniel Lewis LaRue (1868-1934)  + 1st: Amanda Moon (1870-1892) 
son of Amos Tiffin "AT" Davis LaRue (1830-1900) + Sarah Ann Stroud (1831-1896) 
daughter of Jonathan Moon (1846-1917) + Harriet Wall (1850-1893)
Findagrave #71987234

BE IT REMEMBERED that on this 4th day of October A.D. 1890, there was issued from the office of said Probate Court, a Marriage License of which the following is a true copy:
You are hereby authorized to join in marriage, Daniel LaRue of Burr Oak, Kans., age 22 years, and Amanda Moon of Burr Oak, Kans. Aged 20 years; and of this license you will make due return to my office within thirty days. J.B. Dill Probate Judge {SEAL}
And Which said Marriage License was afterwards, to wit: on the 3rd day of November A.D. 18, returned to said Probate Judge, with the following certificate endorsed thereon, to-wit;
COUNTY OF JEWELL, SS, I, T.C. Benson, a Christian minister, do hereby certify, that in accordance with the authorization of the within License, I did, on the 5 day of October, AD 1890, at Burr Oak Jewell County, Kans. In said County, join and unite in Marriage the within named Daniel LaRue and Amanda Moon.
WITNESS my hand and seal the day and year above written.
ATTEST: J.B. Dill Probate Judge.

* * * * * * * * * *
1a. Earnest Preston LaRue (1891-1972) 
son of Daniel L. LaRue + Amanda Moon

* * * * * * * * * *
Daniel Lewis LaRue (1868-1934)  +  2d. Delilah Elizabeth Bailey (1879-1943)
daughter of James A. Bailey (1828-1903) + Hester Ann Morris (1844-1925)

1900 US Census
LaRue, Daniel, head, white, male, Birth month-Aug, birth year-1869, 30 yrs, married - 2 yrs birthplace-IN, father's birthplace-IN, mother's birthplace-IN, occupation-farmer
-----, Della E, wife, white, female, birth month-Mar, birth year-1880, 20 yrs, married-2 yrs 1 child, 1 child living, birthplace-MO, father's birthplace-IN; mother's birthplace-IN
-----, Preston E, son, white, male, birth month, Aug, birth year, 1891, 8 yrs, single, birthplace-KS, father's birthplace-IN, mother's birthplace-KS, attended school
-----, Ralph D, son, white, male, birth month-Aug,, birth year -1899, 8/12 mos., single, birth place-KS, father's birthplace-IN; mother's birthplace-MO

Source: 1900 US Federal Census, District 0141 Belmont Twp., Rooks Co, Kansas. 20 Jun 1900. Line #62. Retrieved from
1910 US Census
LaRue, Daniel L., Head of Household, male, white, 41 yrs, married-11 yrs, birthplace-IN, father's birthplace-OH, mother's birthplace-IN,
English-yes, occupation-farmer
-----, Delilah E., wife, female, white, 30 yrs, married - 11 yrs, 7 children-7 living,  birthplace-MO; father's birthplace-IN; mother's birthplace-IL; English-yes,
-----, Earnest P., son, male, white, 18 yrs. single, birthplace-KS.; father's birthplace-IN, mother's birthplace-MO, English-yes,
-----, Ralph D., son, male, white, 10 yrs, single, birthplace-KS, father's birthplace-IN; mother's birthplace-MO, English-yes,
-----, Axie M., daughter, female, white, 9 yrs, single, birthplace-KS,
-----, Ray L., son, male, white, 6 yrs, single, birthplace-KS
-----, Edith F., dau, female, white, 4 yrs, single, birthplace-KS
-----, Maurine H., dau., female, white, 3 yrs, single, birthplace-KS.
-----, Helen P., dau, female, white, 1 yr, single, birthplace-KS

Source: 1910 US Federal Census, District 0218, Menlo Twp., Thomas Co, KS. April 18, 1910. Retrieved from
1915 KS State Census
D. L. LaRue, 47 yrs, male, white
Della Larue, 34 yrs, female, white
Ralph Larue, 15 yrs, male, white
Axie Larue, 14 yrs, female, white
Ray Larue, 12 yrs, male, white
Edith Larue, 9 yrs, female, white
Maurine Larue, 7 yrs, female, white
Harold Larue, 4 yrs, male, white
Howard Larue, 2 yrs, male, white
Paul Larue, 7 weeks, male, white

Source: 1915 Kansas State Census, Kansas State Census Collection, 1855-1925. Hill City, Graham Co, KS. Line #21. Retrieved from
1920 US Census
LaRue, Daniel L., head of household, male, white, 51 yrs, married, read & write English-yes, birthplace-IN, father's birthplace-OH, mother's birthplace-IN, occupation-farmer
-----, Della E., wife, female, white, 39 yrs, married, birthplace-MO, father's birthplace-IN, mother's birthplace-IN, occupation-none,
-----, Ralph D., son, male, white, 20 yrs, single, birthplace-KS; father's birthplace-IN, mother's birthplace-MO, occupation-none,
-----, Axie M, daughter, female, white, 18 yrs, single, birthplace-KS
-----, Ray L., son, male, white, 16 yrs, single, birthplace-KS
-----, Edith F, dau, female, white, 14 yrs., attended school-yes, birthplace-KS
-----, Maurine H., dau, female, 12 yrs, attended school-yes, birthplace-KS
-----, Harold __, son, male, 8 yrs., attended school-yes, birthplace-KS
-----, Howard B., son, male, 6 yrs., attended school-yes, birthplace-KS
-----, Paul, son, male, 4 yrs., birthplace-KS
-----, Lillie M., dau, female, 2 11/12 yrs & mos., birthplace-KS
-----, Lynn K., son, male, 9/12 months, birthplace-KS

Source: 1920 US Federal Census, District 0055, Hill City Twp., Graham Co, Kansas. January 21, 1920. Retrieved from
1925 KS State Census
LaRue, Dan L, head of household, male, white, 56 yrs, married, birthplace-IN, where from to KS-?, occupation-Farming on a Farm,
-----, Della, wife, female, white, 45 yrs, married, birthplace-MO, where from to KS-Nebraska,
-----, Ralph D., son, male, white, 26 yrs, ___, birthplace-KS., where from to KS-KS
-----, Edith, daughter, female, white, 20 yrs, single birthplace-KS,
-----, Marene, dau., female, white, 18 yrs, single, birthplace-KS,
-----, Hareld, son, male, white, 14 yrs, single, birthplace-KS,
-----, Howard, son, male, white, 12 yrs, single, birthplace-KS,
-----, Paul, son, male, white, 10 yrs, single, birthplace-KS,
-----, Lillie, dau., female, white, 8 yrs, single, birthplace-KS,
------, Leon, son, male, white, 6 yrs, single, birthplace-KS,
------, Wonder, dau., female, white, 4 yrs, single, birthplace-KS.,

Source: 1925 Kansas State Census, Millbrook, Graham Co, KS. March 1, 1925. Line #7, Retrieved from
1930 US Census
LaRue, Daniel, Head, farm-yes, male, white, 62 yrs, married at 30 yrs, cannot read & write, birthplace-IN, father's birthplace-IN, mother's birthplace-IN; occupation-farmer
-----, Delilah, wife, female, white, 50 yrs married at 18 yrs., can read & write, birthplace-MO, father's birthplace-IL, mother's birthplace-IN
-----, Ralph, son, male, white, 30 yrs, single, can read & write, birthplace-KS, father's birthplace-IN, mother's birthplace-MO; farm laborer
-----, Harold, son, male, white, 19 yrs, single, can read & write, birthplace-KS; occupation-farm laborer
-----, Paul, son, 15 yrs.
-----, Lily, daughter, 13 yrs
-----, Lynn, son, 10 yrs.
-----, Wanda, dau. 8 yrs.

Source: 1930 US Federal Census. District 0023, Washington Twp., Jackson Co, KS. April 23, 1930. Line #10. Retrieved from
Saturday Dan LaRue was fatally injured and his wife and daughter Lily, age 17, were seriously injured when a Chevrolet car from Wichita collided with them on the narrow bridge over Long Creek just south of Melvern. The LaRue car went down over the bank. All three were thrown out of the car and Mr. LaRue lit on the creek bank below.
The LaRue family was taken to Melvern and then to Waverly. Mr. LaRue was paralyzed from the chest down and lived only till Sunday. Dr. Benning said his neck was broken at the sixth or seventh vertebra and when the swelling reached up to the third and fourth vertebrae where the nerves to the lungs exist, they were paralyzed and death resulted.
Mrs. LaRue was injured about the face, several teeth were knocked out, the gums lacerated, and the right hand broken. It seemed she had been thrown against the bridge hitting on her forehead first then down along the nose and mouth cutting the lower gum down to the base of the chin.
Lily received bruises, torn ligaments of the right knee and fractures of the chin and bone of the knee.
The Sheriff of Osage County was at the accident to investigate.
Source: unknown newspaper clipping
Daniel Lewis LaRue was born in Indiana in 1867. He came to Kansas when he was seven years of age. In 1889 while residing in Jewell County he was united in marriage to Amanda Moon. To this union one child Ernest was born. His first wife died a few years later and in 1898 he was married to Della Elizabeth Bailey. To this union, 12 children were born, one dying in infancy. After a residency of 15 years at Hill City, Mr. LaRue and his family moved to Eastern Kansas in 1926 living near Waverly and Melvern since that time.
Saturday, October 6, while driving with his wife and daughter on Highway 75 near Melvern he was thrown off the embankment by another car attempting to pass them and sustained fatal injuries. He was taken to Bell Memorial Hospital in Kansas City where he died Sunday evening Oct 7 at the age of 67. Mr. LaRue was conscious until near the end and left testimony that he had made his peace with God.
He leaves to morn his untimely passing his wife, Mrs. Della LaRue, 12 children, Ernest of Oregon, Ralph at home, Axie of Topeka, Edith of Kansas City, Ray of Olivet, Maurine Ullom of Oklahoma, Harold, Paul, Lynn, Lily, and Wanda at home and Howard of Elkhart. He also leaves 13 grandchildren, two brothers, John and Joe and 1 sister, Mrs. Anne Moon of Jewell County and many friends.
Funeral services were held in the Methodist Church in Waverly Wednesday afternoon and burial was made in Waverly Cemetery.
Source: unknown newspaper clipping.

Letter from Maurine H. LaRue Ullom
Route 2, Box 132
Guymon, Ok 73942

I can't add anything to the LaRue. We just a bunch of kids. We made our entertainment. We really held up for one another. Got hide taken off if we fought or quarreled. But we had good honest parents we all loved very much. They were well thought of, so were all of us. Had good names.

We went home to see them [her parents] when Maynard was less than 3 mos. Old. All were going to Topeka. Lil and them were in head car, we were behind. Going over a big bridge, couldn't see till we got to very top. A drunk came up on the wrong side, slammed into them. They all fell 27 feet in river bed. Grandpa died in Kansas City hospital with a broken neck. Grandma was hurt very bad. Suffered from it till her death. Lil get out with minor hurts. It was hard looking down on them in that shape. Later the man was killed in a car accident in Syracuse, KS [drunk]. Fred Goiler had trial went in-hung jury. I shall never forget they wanted to take mom [Maurine's daughter] with them. Something told us no.
Standard Certificate of Death
State of Kansas
Place of Death-Wyandotte County
Kansas, Bell Memorial Hospital, 209 B. Ward
Registered N0. #37348
Full Name - Don LaRue
Residence No.- Waverly, Kansas
Sex-Male, Race-White, Married
Spouse - Belia LaRue
Date of Birth-Aug. 22 1867
67 yrs, 1 mo, 15 days
Birthplace-IN, Father - John LaRue, no record of father's birthplace
Mother - no record
Informant-Hospital records
Burial - Waverly, KS on 10-10-1934
Undertaker- Carmain Funeral Home Waverly, KS.
Date of Death - Oct 7, 1934
Where did injury occur: On highway.
Member of injury - auto accident

Source: Standard Certificate of Death, State of Kansas #205 35101. Retrieved from
1940 US Census
Farm-yes, LaRue, Howard, head, male, white, 27 yrs, single, school-no, last finished grade-(H-1), birthplace-KS, city-rural, Osage Co, KS, occupation-operator in farm industry,
-------, Dellia, mother, female, white, 59 yrs, widowed, school-no, last finished grade - 8, birthplace-MO, rural, Osage Co, KS,
------, Lynn, brother, male, white, 20 yrs, single, school-no, last finished grade-8, birthplace-KS,  rural, Osage Co, KS, occupation-labor in farm,
------, Wanda, sister female, white, 18 yrs, single, school-no, last finished grade-8, birthplace-KS,  rural, Osage Co, KS,

Source: 1940 US Federal Census, District 16-7, Key West Twp., Coffey Co, Kansas, USA. Line 58. Retrieved from
* * * * * * * * * *
1b. Ralph Daniel LaRue (1899-1935)
son of Daniel L. LaRue + Delilah Elizabeth Bailey
* * * * * * * * * *
1c. Axie LaRue (1901-1988)
daughter of Daniel L. LaRue + Delilah Elizabeth Bailey
* * * * * * * * * *
1d. Ray Lewis LaRue, SR. (1903-1990)
son of Daniel L. LaRue + Delilah Elizabeth Bailey

Note: Submitted information indicates Ray was born on the family farm one mile north of Ash Rock Church in Rooks County, Kansas. 
Source: Findagrave #32745177
Ray Lewis LaRue, Jr., 74, Clayton, died Saturday, Jan 28, 2006, at Swedish Medical Center, Denver.
He was born April 28, 1931, in Hill City to Ray Lewis Sr. and Abbie Marie (Bass) LaRue. He was a 1953 graduate of Hoxie High School. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War.
He married Virginia Currier May 16, 1954, in Hoxie.
He was the co-owner of LaRue Tank Service and also owned and operated Ray's Repair Clock Shop.
Survivors include his wife of the home; a son, Tony LaRue, Jennings; a daughter, Nancy Waddell, Memphis, Tenn.; two grandchildren; and a great-granddaughter.
Services will be at 10 am Thursday at First Presbyterian Church, Hoxie; burial in Hoxie Cemetery.
Visitation will be from 2 to 5 pm today and from 9 am to 8 pm Wednesday at Mickey Leopold Funeral Home, Hoxie.
Memorials are suggested to the church and may be sent in care of the funeral home.

Source: unknown laminated newspaper clipping.
* * * * * * * * * *
Maurine Hester LaRue Ullom (1907-1994)
daughter of Daniel L. LaRue + Delilah E. Bailey

1930 US Census
LaRue, Maurine, Employee, female, white, 21 yrs, single, attended school-no, English-yes, birthplace-KS; father's birthplace-KS, mother's birthplace-MO; occupation-waitress, Industry-hospital,
Source: "Christ's Hospital." 1930 US Federal Census. District 0037, Topeka, Shawnee Co, Kansas. April 3, 1930. Line #77. Retrieved from
* * * * * * * * * *
Helen Pearl (1909-____)
daughter of Daniel L. LaRue + Delilah E. Bailey

* * * * * * * * * *
Howard B. LaRue (1911 - 2003) + Nadine Goodnight
son of Daniel L. LaRue + Delilah E. Bailey

Memorial Service: 
Celebrating the Life of Howard B. LaRue 1913~2003.
Born Feb. 23, 1913, Hill City Kansas
Passed Away April 12, 2003, El Dorado, Kansas
Memorial Service and Interment -- Trinity United Methodist Church, El Dorado, Kansas
2:00pm on Wednesday, April 16, 2003, Rev. Steve Hysom, Officiating. Walnut Valley Memorial Park.
Music -- Marge Marsh, Pianist. "Lord's Prayer" "Go Rest High On That Mountain" "Amazing Grace" "I Bid You Goodnight"
Source: "In Loving Memory" Memorial Service Leaflet.
M. Dean LaRue + Dorothy Clark.
son of Howard B. LaRue (1911-2003) + Nadine Goodnight (1918-2003)
daughter of William R. Clark (1928-2008) + Melba (1936-1995). 

Newspaper Article: 
Officials Identify Butler Co. Family Killed By Train.
The Butler county sheriff's office released the names of the three people killed in a pickup train accident Saturday in northeast Butler County.
M. Dean LaRue, Sr. 62, and his wife Dorothy LaRue, 60, and their son, M. Dean LaRue, Jr., 41, were traveling west on Northeast 90th Street when  their vehicle was struck by a train on the passenger side.
LaRue, Sr. and his wife lived in a rural area of Leon and LaRue, Jr. was an Augusta resident.
All three, as well as two dogs, were dead when rescuers arrived.
The accident occurred between El Dorado and Cassoday, around 1 pm at a crossing surrounded by pasture and marked only by signs.
Officers aren't sure who was driving the truck.
Source: Article by Amanda O'Toole. Wichita Eagle Newspaper clipping.

* * * * * * * * * *
Harold Glen LaRue (1911-1982)
son of Daniel L. LaRue + Delilah E. Bailey

* * * * * * * * * *
Paul "Babe" LaRue (1915-1994)

Marilyn (LaRue) Caldwell (1942-2016) --
daughter of Paul LaRue + Louise Griffith
A book could be written about our mother, and with such a big family with lots of fond memories of her, it would be easy to do.
Our mother was fun and sassy. She loved her family and friends. She was creative and crafty, making many quilts, baby blankets, afghans, crafts, and crocheted pieces for her family.
She coached her daughters' softball team, was their Girl Scout leader, enjoyed baking homemade treats for her girls' teachers for each holiday, and made the best rocking horse and Raggedy Ann birthday cakes. Our friends always said mom threw us the best birthday parties.
Our mother enjoyed many hobbies over the years in addition to her crafts, quilts, and crocheting. She was an avid doll & stamp collector, starting several of her grandchildren their own stamp collections as well as the state quarter books. She also played the accordion.
Mom enjoyed reading romance and mystery novels, ceramics, shopping, traveling, and was excited when she and 3 granddaughters traveled to New York City together. She loved taking cruises and traveling with Grandma LaRue and friends.
Saying mom loved Elvis Presley wouldn't do; because mom REALLY LOVED Elvis. She often recalled her disappointment when Elvis came to Amarillo but her parents refused to let her attend his concert. Many years later, mom finally got her Elvis Impersonator concert. Her young grandson that attended the concert with her begged her not to throw her undergarments on stage.
Mom worked various jobs over the years: cleaning pheasants, roofing houses, selling Fashion Two-20, Gas station management, hotel positions, Cake decorating & baking,; mom owned and operated "The Spudnut Shop" for many years. In 1990 mom began her career with the Morton County Health Systems, retiring from the Medical Records Department November of 2010.
Retirement didn't slow her down, you could find her helping her daughters' and grandchildren in their many activities. What you wouldn't find is her far from her sixth daughter, her furry companion, Chicque. Mom jokingly referred to Chicque,as our little sister.
Mom grew up in the Elkhart School System with the class of 1960 where she enjoyed many lifelong friendships. She later went onto to take courses in wig styling and medical records coding. Mom passed many of her skills and talents down to her family; she was one of our biggest fans . . .always amazed at her family's talents.
Mom loved her grandchildren, each one had some special bond with her. Mom was thrilled when she had a grandson born on her birthday. She always said he was her best birthday gift.
Mom loved spending time with her mother, Louise. Grandma LaRue and mom did most everything together. They were each other's best friends.
Mom's legacy to this family will be her endurance in hard times, her "never give up" spirit, and her love for her family.
Mom is no longer in pain; she is in the arms of Jesus. For that, we celebrate. Her grandson is pretty certain she can be found chasing Elvis down the streets of gold!

FUNERAL SERVICE -- First Church of God, Elkhart, KS.
Friday, April 29, 2016 at 11:00 AM
OFFICIANT -- David Higgins
PIANIST -- Karen Alexander
VOCALIST -- Kenny Harlan
EULOGY -- Jason LaRue
SELECTIONS -- "Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone;" "Love Me Tender;" "One Pair of Hands;" "Amazing Grace;" Elvis Presley
FINAL RESTING PLACE -- Elkhart Cemetery, Elkhart

Source: Paul's-Robson Funeral Home Memorial Service Leaflet, By David & Brandy Robson, Hugoton, KS.

Marilyn Caldwell -- Died April 25, 2016. Marilyn L. LaRue Caldwell, 73, died on Monday morning, April 25, 2016, at Morton County Care Center. 
She was born on December 26, 1942, Elkhart, Kansas to Paul & H. Louise (Griffith) LaRue. She was raised at Elkhart and later moved to Liberal and back to Elkhart. 
She and Dall Caldwell were married in 1960 and they were later divorced.
She was a member of the First Church of God of Elkhart, KS. Her hobbies were quilting, crocheting, cooking and baking cakes. 
Survivors include, mother, H. Louise LaRue, Elkhart, KS; Daughters, Paula Nino, Elkhart, KS; Pamela Acton, Elkhart, Ks; ReJina Harlan & husband Kenny; ReLinda Shook & husband Kevin, all of Elkhart, Ks.
Monica Nabors & husband, Jarvis, Antlers, OK; Brothers, Daniel LaRue & Carolyn, Gary LaRue & wife Sharon, Elkhart, KS, 14 Grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren; special friend, Leon Kost & family, Liberal, KS and other relatives and friends.
She was proceeded in death by her father and grandchild, Darrett Lepel.
A memorial has been established for Morton County Care Center and Wednesday night kids at First Church of God. Memorials may be mailed to:  Paul's-Robson Funeral Home: PO Box 236, Hugoton, KS 67951. 
Funeral services will be held on Friday, April 29, 2016 at 11 am First Church of God, Elkhart, KS and burial Elkhart Cemetery, Elkhart, KS.
Source: Paul's-Robson Funeral Home website. 
Card of Thanks -- We wish to take this means of expressing our sincere and heartfelt thanks of the many kind friends and neighbors for their many kindnesses and their consoling expressions at the accident and illness of our son, Danny. We especially want to express our thanks to the kind and helpful members of the Church of God in Elkhart. ~ Mr. and Mrs. Paul LaRue and family. 
Source: unknown newspaper clipping.

* * * * * * * * * *
Lily Marie (LaRue) Rankin Hall (1917-2004)
daughter of Daniel L. LaRue + Delilah E. Bailey


Date of Birth -- February 1, 1917
Date of Death -- August 5, 2004
Graveside Services -- Memorial Park Cemetery, Monday, August 9, 2004, 2:00 PM
Officiating -- Rev. Donald Bird, Antioch Church of the Nazarene

Source: "In Remembrance." George F. Porter and Sons Memorial Service Leaflet.
* * * * * * * * * *
Lynn Kelsey LaRue (1919-1987)
son of Daniel L. Larue + Delilah E. Bailey
As we are quitting farming, will sell at auction at the farm located 2 1/2 miles south and 4 1/2 east of Lebo; 2 miles south and 1/2 west of Key West School house; 13 miles north and 2 1/2 west of Burlington on Tuesday, February 3, 1948. Starting at 11:00 am sharp.
Cattle, Miscellaneous, Horses, Machinery, Feed, Poultry and Supplies
Lunch Served by Sunflower Farm Bureau
J.E. Green and Lynn LaRue ~~~ Ray Danner and Son Auctioneers ~~~ State Bank of Lebo, Clerk
* * * * * * * * * *
WANDA Darlene (LaRue) Thomas (1921-2015)
daughter of Daniel L. LaRue + Delilah E. Bailey


Wanda D. Thomas

Date of Birth -- May 16, 1921, Hill City, KS.
Date of Death -- September 14, 2015, Colby, KS.
Funeral Service -- 9:00 am. Thursday, September 17, 2015. Baalmann Mortuary, Colby, KS.

Service By -- Pastor Robert Alexander
Casket Bearers -- Robert Lee, Ricky Lee, Steven Lee, Jr., Gary Daren Volden, Ann Monasmith, David Volden
Grave-side Service -- 2:00 pm. Thursday, September 17, 2015. Restlawn Cemetery, Liberal, KS.
Service By -- Pastor Andrew Wehling.

Wanda Thomas, 94, of Colby, formerly of Liberal, died Monday, September 14, 2015 at Citizens Medical Center. She was born on May 16, 1921 in Hill City, KS to Daniel and Delilah (Bailey) LaRue. Wanda was the youngest of twelve children. On April 1, 1967 she married Chester Thomas. Wanda worked at the Liberal Hospital in laundry service and sterilization, retiring in 1983. She enjoyed sewing, making quilts, and collecting dolls and salt and pepper shakers.

Wanda was preceded in death by her husband and eleven siblings. She is survived by her children, Pearl (Jim) Kaspari, Sutherland, NE; Judy Volden, Dumas, TX; Ivan (Leta) Lee, Colby, KS; and Steven Lee, Lakin, KS; eight grandchildren, thirty-three great-grandchildren and six great-great grandchildren.

Source: "In Memory Of." Baalmann Mortuary Memorial Service Leaflet. 

* * * * * * * * * *
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Reunion and Cemetery Checklists

What to bring to your next family reunion:

  1. A first aid kit.
  2. Bug spray.
  3. Business cards.
  4. Camera.
  5. Cash to donate to help defray costs of annual family cemetery care, renting the park shelter and stationery/postage for reunion reminders.  
  6. Family historians = bring your laptop, scanner or recording devices and/or spiral notebook, clipboard, and pen.
  7. Family memorabilia to share = photo albums with ancestors or new family members;  or scrapbooks of newspaper clippings to announce baptisms, births, deaths,  graduation, honors, marriages, sporting events, etc.
  8. For Pool, if open to public = entry money, modest bathing suits, flip flops, beach towel, sunscreen, water bottle. Optional = nose plugs, ear plugs, swimming cap, flotation devices, and money for the snack bar.
  9. For Potluck = main meal, sides, dessert, iced drinks in cooler, picnic tablecloth and table clips, disposable dinnerware, paper towels or napkins, waterproof matches, plastic trash bags.
  10. Ideas = Want more ideas? Click on Pinterest board  over on the side menu for more!  
  11. Lawn chairs.
  12. Musical Instruments = if you can play a kazoo, pick a banjo, guitar or a fiddle or sing, by all means, bring it on!
  13. Name tags.
  14. New Address? = Bring a sticky address label with it for me!
  15. Samples of your handiwork, recipes, seeds or plant starts to share. 
  16. Sign-up sheet on clipboard and pen.
  17. Sun and Heat Protection = Caps, fans, hats, sunscreen, water bottle.
  18. Toiletry items = paper towels, toilet paper, water in a jug, and wet wipes (in case the park’s johnny-on-the-spot runs out or if the water hydrants are shut off like in previous years).
  19. Toys for the young'uns like badminton rackets, balls, bats, Frisbees, Lawn Dominoes, Lawn scrabble, squirt bottles and Toss games. See Pinterest board for more ideas!
  20. TV Trays (if city double books the shelter by mistake again) = Food and Drink park. 

  1. Assorted sizes of soft nylon brushes.
  2. Bug Spray. 
  3. Camera 
  4. Cemetery Map
  5. Clipboard & Paper; extra pens/pencils
  6. D/2 Gravestone cleaner (only kind of stone cleaner AGS recommends). 
  7. Find-a-grave App on cell phone or I-pad.
  8. Hand pruner
  9. Large Spray Bottle and several bottles of water.
  10. Lawn or camp chair. 
  11. Leather gloves.
  12. List of tombstones we want to visit and/or take photos of
  13. measuring tape
  14. Messenger bag to carry everything in to the cemetery
  15. orange cuticle sticks
  16. Road map or GPS
  17. Sexton's business card
  18. Sturdy walking shoes.
  19. Sun Protection = Straw Hat, sunscreen and/or umbrella hat
  20. t-shirt rags
  21. Unbreakable mirror (helpful to shine light to create shadows on the tombstone when taking photos)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Documents of Alford E. Ullom's Second Family

A Work in Progress: It’s like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle, fitting in one piece at a time and wondering at the lovely picture of our kin when they finally reveal themselves. 

Alford E. Ullom +  2d wife: Tacy E. Berry 
son of Lorenzo Dow Ullom, Sr. (1821-1908) + Hannah Emerick (1824-1911) 
daughter of Benjamin Franklin Berry (1841-1904) + Elizabeth McCloud
Findagrave #25885749


A Transcribed Copy of the Marriage License:



County of Montgomery.
Be it Remembered, that on the 16 day of September A.D. 1892 there was issued from the office of said Probate Judge, a Marriage License, of which the following is a true copy:

Montgomery County, State of Kansas September 16, A.D. 1892
To any Person Authorized by Law to perform the Marriage Ceremony, -- Greeting:

You are hereby authorized to join in marriage Alford Ullom at Coffeyville, Kansas age 45 years, and Tacy Berry of Coffeyville, Kansas aged 24 years, and of this License you will make due return to my office within thirty days.
(Seal) David Cline, Probate Judge.

And which said Marriage License was afterwards, to-wit, on the 24 day of September, A.D. 19-892 returned to said Probate Judge, with the following Certificate endorsed thereon, to-wit:


I, C. L. Long, J.P., do hereby certify, that in accordance with the authorization of the within License, I did, on the 22 day of Sept., A.D. 1892 at Coffeyville, Kans. in said County, join and unite in Marriage the within-named Alford Ullom and Tacy Berry.

Witness my hand and seal the day and year above written.
Attest: David Cline Probate Judge.
C.L.Long, Justice of the Peace.
Marriage Record
Name: Alford Ullom
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Birth Date: abt. 1847
Marriage Date: 22 Sep 1892
Marriage Place: Coffeyville, Montgomery Co, KS, USA
Spouse: Tacy

Source: Kansas, County Marriage Records, 1811-1911. Film Number: 001404632 Retrieved from
On Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at the home of Aaron Brammer, in this city, A. Ullom and Miss Tacy Berry were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, Esq. C. L. Long officiating. The groom is not a stranger to the felicities of the matrimonial relation and is therefore fully advised as to the duties and responsibilities upon which he is entering. THE JOURNAL extends congratulations, and wishes Mr. and Mrs. Ullom long life, and abundant prosperity.

Source: "Mated for Life." The Journal. D. Stewart Elliott, Editor. Coffeyville, KS. 23 Sep 1892.

1900 Census
Ullom, Alfred, head, white, male, birth month-May, birth year - 1847, 53 yrs, married - 7 yrs, birthplace-WV; father's birthplace-VA, mother's birthplace-VA, occupation-day laborer
----- Tacy, wife, white, female, birth month-July, birth year-1868, 31 yrs., married - 7 yrs, 4 children, 4 still living, birthplace-IN, father's birthplace-IN, mother's birthplace- IN

Source: 1900 US Federal Census for District 0039, Streator Ward 06, Bruce Twp., LaSalle Co, IL US. 1 Jun 1900. Line # 99. Retrieved from
1910 Census
Ullom, Alfred, head, male, white, 62 yrs., married - 17 yrs., Birthplace-WV, Father's birthplace - PA; mother's birthplace- PA. , Speaks English, Occupation-Labor, Odd Jobs
----- Tacy, wife, female, white, 40 yrs., married, 17 yrs., 6 children-6 living, Birthplace- IN,
Father's birthplace-IN; mother's birthplace-IN; no occupation,
----- Ellsworth, son, male, white, 16 yrs., single, birthplace - IL; father's birthplace-WV; Mother's birthplace-IN; Occupation - Painter, House Painter,
----- B. Frank, son, male, white, 15 yrs, single, birthplace - IL, Occupation - Laborer-green house
----- Lawrence, son, male, white, 11 yrs, single, birthplace - IL
----- Mabel, Daughter, female, white, 10 yrs, single, birthplace - IL
----- Ronald, son, male, white, 9 yrs., single, birthplace - IL
------ John H., son, male, white, 5 yrs, single, birthplace - IL 
Ullom, Hannah, Mother, female, white, 86 yrs, widow, 9 children-7 living, birthplace-PA, father's birthplace - Hol. Dutch; mother's birthplace - Hol. Dutch
Source: 1910 US Federal Census. District 0079, Streator War 2, LaSalle, Illinois. Retrieved from
Newspaper Article:
Neighbors and Friends Spend Evening at West Side Home-Family to Move to Oklahoma.

A party of neighbors and friends called Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Alfred Ullom of South . . .Street, and spent a most enjoyable evening. The affair was in the nature of a farewell, since Mrs. Ullom and family leave next Monday for Postal, Okla. Mr. Ullom and son have been there since spring and like the country very much. They are engaged in farming, and as there are several families from this city and vicinity located not far distant, the Ullom's feel it will be quite a little colony "from home".
Mrs. Ullom was showered with dishes by her friends, as a reminder of Streator neighbors, and fruit was served. The evening was devoted to "visiting," . . . pleasant . . . take . . .
Source: unknown newspaper clipping
Alford E. ULLOM Obituary
28 June 1928
Four weeks after learning that he was the direct heir to ten million dollars, Alfred E. Ullom of the Camp Keltner neighborhood died without ever having seen the tremendous fortune that had come to him. Mr. Ullom was found dead in the morning when called to breakfast by his family at his home some 15 miles southeast of Elkhart. Death was evidently due to heart trouble and he died while he slept..
The fortune concerning which Mr. Ullom received definite information less than a month ago will in all probability descend to his children, although his death may involve the vast sum of money in still further litigation. The inheritance was to come to Mr. Ullom from a great uncle who was a partner of John Jacob Astor in the fur business more than a century ago, and the money has been tied up in his estate for that length of time. A will made by the great uncle was recently found among the effects of Astor, the fur king, and immediate effort was made to execute the will..
By terms of the will the money was to remain in escrow until after the death of the last of the second generation of heirs and it is believed that Mr. Ullom is the final one to go so that the principal may be distributed soon.
Alfred Ullom was born May 12, 1847, in Virginia, and died at the age of 81 years, two months and 14 days. He had lived in Texas county for more than 20 years, having come from Illinois. He is survived by his wife and several children, two of which, Lawrence and Frank live on the home place.
Funeral services will be held at the home tomorrow at 10 in the morning under the direction of Rev. D. P. Smith, pastor of the Church of God. Ralph Peacock, undertaker, will take the body to Guymon from where it will be taken to Coffeyville for interment.
My great-grandfather, Alfred Ullom had two wives -- Samantha Pitman who died in childbirth and Tacy Emmaline Berry. Tacy came to care for Alfred's children, then cooked for him in his inn in Coffeyville, KS. They married two weeks before the Dalton Raid on the banks the first weekend of October, 1892. I obtained their marriage certificate from the county courthouse if you want to check how I obtained that information. I also believe you will find news of it in the paper as well. I have both Alfred's and Tacy's obituaries as well -- they were also in the paper.
Source: newspaper clipping received from Melvin Ullom

Coffeyville Journal, July 28, 1928, p. 1, Col. 6. 

Rites for Pioneer Hotel Man Will be Conducted at Skinner's -- Burial
in Elmwood.

The body of Alford Ullom, 81 years old, pioneer hotel operator of Coffeyville, who died at his farm home near Elkhart, Kan., Thursday, arrived here this afternoon and was taken to the Skinner funeral home to lie in state until the funeral hour tomorrow.

Funeral services will be held in the chapel of the Skinner funeral home tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. O.P.Garlock, pastor of the United Brethren church. Burial will be in Elmwood cemetery by the side of his first wife, Mrs. Samantha J. Ullom, who died here in 1891.
Died July 26, 1928
Buried at Elmwood Cemetary, Coffeyville, KS.
Block 19, Lot 1, Plot 7.

Source: "Ullom Funeral at 2 PM, Tomorrow." Coffeyville Journal, July 28, 1928. p. 1, Col. 6.
Oklahoma, Wills and Probate Records, 1802-2008 for Alford Ullom
Case file # 974-999, 23 1928, Texas Co.
Name: Ullom, Alford
Matter of: Estate
Title: Deceased
Filing Date: 11 Aug 1928
Case No. 999

Source: Oklahoma, Wills and Probate Records, 1802-2008 for Alford Ullom
Case file # 974-999, 23 1928, Texas Co. Retrieved from

Postmark: Coffeyville, KS.
December 1, 1929,
1:30 pm, 2 (1 cent) stamps
Return in 10 days
From: Donzella Clark
1512 So Walnut,
Coffeyville, Kansas

To: Mrs. A. Ullom, Elkhart, Kansas
Dear Aunt Tacy & all,

Mamma wants to know why don't you write to us once & awhile mamma never did hear from Laura after wrote card about you being bad off with that rupture of yours so I thought I write and see how you was I am in a hurry for I have to help with supper daddy is working every day we are all just fine are you folks all right & the rest to tell Hello for me tell Laura Hello is she going to school this year I am in the 7B this year like it Just fine lone walk though but going to get my education uncle Sid will be home Thursday. it is snowing here is it their we have rabbits write to us soon please excuse writing tell all Hello from us

your niece Donzella Clark
From = H. Warner
830 No. LaSalle St.
Postmark: Chicago, IL.
Chicago Ave. Station
Dec. 18, 1929, 5:30 pm
1 (2 cent) stamp
To = Mrs. Tacy Ullom
Elkhart, Kansas

Dear Tacy, So sorry to hear Laura had the small-pox and you had to be vaccinated. Hope she did not have it very hard and that she is getting along all right.
Am sending a check for $3.00 to you use wherever you most need it.
Ronald wrote me about Laura. Hope this doesn't put her back in her studies at school.
It turned cold last night and we are in a snow blizzard now. We are promised zero weather soon.
Mildred had a baby girl born to her and Clarence Dec. 10th. Both Mildred and baby are doing well.
Love to all, Hannah
Postcards from Hannah to Mrs. A. Ullom.
. . . no. Sawyer Ave.
Jan 26, 1930
1 cent stamp
Chicago, IL.
Dear Folks,
On other side you can see where my room is. I am leaving tomorrow on the auto trip with the Coons. Expect to spend tomorrow night at Linna's if all goes well. Will write you from time to time. Write me at Ollie's and she will forward the mail to me. Lovingly, Hannah
Cave City, Kentucky, 1/29/1930
Stayed at Linna's on Monday night. Here last night. We go to see Mammoth Cave today then on to Nashville, Tennessee. Hannah
Nashville, Tenn. 1/29/30

Saw Mammoth Cave this morning, then drove here afterward. It stays very cold yet. Much below freezing. We may see snow again tomorrow.
Miami, Fla. 2/5/30
Have had a lovely trip down here. Spent nine days on the way. It was pretty cool until we got almost here. Went in bathing in the ocean today. Miami is a beautiful city. When you write, forward the mail to Ollie and she will send it on to me. I received the box today that Frank sent me to Indianapolis. Linna forwarded it on to me. I won't be here long. We return by way of West Coast of Fla. Hannah.
St. Petersburg, Fla. 2/12/30
Saw the Singing Tower and heard the Carillion bells yesterday. Both are wonderful. We leave here Monday for other parts. Address me % J. H. Nixon, 5512 No. Sawyer Ave. and mail will be forwarded. Hannah.
St. Petersburg, Fla. 2/15/30
We have had some lovely trips around here. To cross this long bridge built across the Bay is quite an experience. We had an aeroplane ride of nearly 80 miles one day. It was a thrilling experience. Every day is summer here. We leave Monday for another place. Hannah
1930 Census
Ullom, Tacy, Head, own home, farm-yes, female, white, 61 yrs, widowed, married at 24 yrs, attended school-no, birthplace-IN; father's birthplace-IN; mother's birthplace-IN, occupation - general farmer,
-----, Benjamin F., son, male, white, 34 yrs, married, married at 33 yrs, attended school-no, birthplace-IL; father's birthplace-WV; mother's birthplace-IN; occupation-wheat farmer, veteran-yes in WW
-----, Laura B, daughter, female, white, 19 yrs, single, attended school-yes, birthplace-IL, father's birthplace-WV; mother's birthplace-IN
----- Gladys L., daughter-in-law, female, white, 21 yrs, married, birthplace-KS; father's birthplace-OH; mother's birthplace-VA

Source: 1930 United States Federal Census. District 0002, Camp Keltner Twp, Texas Co, OK. April 15, 1930. Line #70. Retrieved from

Envelope Cover

Mrs. Tacy Ullom, Box 131, Elkhart, Kansas
(possibly from Hannah Warner, unknown Ave., Illinois)
Source: Postmark, 50 Chicago, ILL, July 18, 1934, 6 pm.


Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, State of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College and United States Department of Agriculture Cooperating. Extension Service County Agent Work, Guymon, Oklahoma
October 2, 1936
Mrs. Tacy Ullom
Elkhart, Kans.

Dear Mrs. Ullom;
It will be necessary for you to have your son, John, sign the enclosed form "agreement for use of equipment" where I have marked "X" before your application can meet with final approval.
After the form is signed you may return it in the self-addressed envelope which requires no postage.
Yours very truly,
Gladys Sims,
Committee Clerk
Source: "Letter from Gladys Sims to Tacy Ullom." Guymon, Ok, Oct. 2, 1936.

Coffeyville, Kansas, Dec. 29 

Dear aunt tacy,
I thought I would drop you a few lines to let you know we are all well. Hope this leaves you all well. We all was all sorry when we heared that Rolans baby died what seemed was the matter with the little baby. did you reived the card. We recived your cards. I got a lot of presents as alowing I got these. a box of staniory, two boxes of candy a lots of Hanchiefs some cards. 2. pair of stocking bottle of prefume some goods to make me a dress and a lots of other thing. Hope you folks got lot of nice things Why don't you ever write aunt nellie uncle levett and Delma stayed four days and they wasn't . . .
Coffeyville Journal
Tues. October 19, 1937
Widow of Early-day Farmer's Hotel Proprietor in Coffeyville Succumbed Yesterday.
Mrs. Tacy E. Ullom, 69, widow of Alfred Ullom, proprietor of the Farmer's hotel here before leaving Coffeyville forty-two years ago, died yesterday at Elkhart, Kan. She had been in failing health six years, and had been confined to bed part-time since suffering a hip injury in a fall last January. She was born July 30, 1868, in Washington.
The Farmer's hotel was at the intersection of the alley at the 100 block on West Eighth street, the present location of the Traction building. Emmett Dalton, wounded in the raid on the banks here in 1892, remained at the Farmer's hotel while convalescing, early-day residents recalled today.
Mrs. Ullom is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Mable Griffith and Miss Laura B. Ullom, both of Elkhart: six sons, Ellsworth of Streator, Ill. and Lawrence, Ronald, Frank, John and Clarence of Elkhart; one sister, Mrs. Fay Clark, 1512 Walnut street, Coffeyville; and one brother, Levett Berry of Warner, Okla.
The body will be removed here tomorrow. Funeral services, in charge of the Rev. James E. Ivy, pastor of the First Church of God will be held at 2:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the Skinner funeral home. Burial will be in Elmwood cemetery, beside the remains of Mr. Ullom, who died nine years ago.

* * * * * * * * * *
1. Ellsworth C. Ullom (1893-1953)
son of Alford E. Ullom + Tacy E. Berry

Glenn Ellsworth Hansen, 93, of Rantoul, a civic leader in the Rantoul community, former owner and publisher of the Rantoul Press, died Saturday (June 21, 2008) at his home.
Services will be at 11 am. Friday, June 27 at the United Methodist Church, Rantoul. Visitation will be from 5 to 7 pm Thursday, June 26 at Lux Memorial Chapel, 1551 E. Grove Ave., Rantoul.
Mr. Hansen was born June 8, 1915, in Streator, a son of Lula G. and Fred A. Hansen.
He is survived by two sons, Glenn F. Hansen of Villa Park and Clark S. Hansen, of Portland, Ore; and a grand-daughter.
He married his college sweetheart, Marguerite A. Clark of Chicago, on June 29, 1940, also active in civic affairs remaining together until her death in 2001.
After graduating from Beloit College, he received his MBA from Harvard Business School and completed post-graduate studies at the University of Chicago and Illinois Institute of Technology.
Mr. Hansen was extensively involved in civic and business activities in Central Illinois, as owner and publisher of the Rantoul Press from 1953 to 1975. During that period, and for many years after leaving the newspaper, he was an active leader in local county and regional activities, most notably in comunity relations with Chanute Air Force Base, in maintaining its presence and named "honorary ambassador, chairman of the USO locally and on the National Council and in efforts to keep Chanute Air Force Base located in Rantoul.
Among his many civic roles included leadership roles in the YMCA for 30 consecutive years and this region's representative on the National Council, the Champaign County United Way Board, as its director and chairman of the Rantoul chapter, as president of the Rantoul Rotary Club, district governor for Rotary International, named to Rotary's Hall of Honor in 2000 and many local, county and state organizations.
He was a member of the Rantoul Area Chamber of Commerce for more than 46 years serving as president in 1979. Numerous awards and honors included volunteer of the Year presented by the Armed Services YMCA, in 1985; listing in "Who's Who in the Midwest;" the governor of Illinois' Advisory Council; received the Golden Heritage of Free Speech Award by Rantoul Kiwanis Club; member of the Illinois Civil Defense Advisory Committee and many other honors.
He served in the US Army from 1943-46, in Field Artillery during World War II and fought in the pivotal Battle of the Bulge in Europe. It was during this time his childhood passion of photography blossomed. He remained an avid photographer until his death, with showings of his work as recent as a few weeks ago.
Source: unknown newspaper clipping. Retrieved from Findagrave memorial #42548819.
* * * * * * * * * * 
2. Benjamin Franklin Ullom (1895-1965) + Gladys Lottie Allen
son of Alford E. Ullom + Tacy E. Berry
daughter of Edward Allen (____-1914) & Katherine (____-1909) , sister to Ethel McElhaney , Ronald Ullom's 1st wife.

Memorial Service Leaflet:
In Loving Memory of Gladys Lottie (Allen) Ullom
Date and Place of Birth -- August 22, 1910, Boicourt, Kansas
Date and Place of Death -- April 3, 1999, Yakima, Washington
Memorial Service -- Keith & Keith Ninth Avenue Chapel, Saturday, April 10, 1999, 3:00 PM
Officiating -- Chaplain Marvin Pfeif, Samaritan House
Music -- "The Old Rugged Cross;" "How Great Thou Art." 

Source: Keith & Keith Ninth Avenue Chapel Memorial Service Leaflet. 
Email Interview Quote (June‎ ‎29‎, ‎2018‎)
"I surmise it was 1936. Dad (Melvin) told me that his mother Gladys was pregnant with him on their move from Oklahoma. Dad said he was born in tent, in Toppenish, WA." ~ Living Ullom Descendant.
Couple Wed in Yakima.

The First Christian Church was the setting for Saturday's wedding of Miss Carolyn Hope Ullom to Bruce Cole Vibbert.

Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Ullom of 513 Keyes Road and Mrs. and Mrs. James Vibbert of Route 1.

Rev. Hubert E. Sias officiated. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a grown of taffeta with layers of Chantilly lace and a hooped skirt leading to chapel train. Her illusion net veil was held by a pearl tiara, she carried white roses and lily of the valley.

Bridesmaids were Mrs. Guy Winberry, sister of the bride as matron of honor; Mrs. Greg Mulhair and Miss Beatrice Winberry. They wore red velvet sheaths and carried white fur muffs with red poinsettias.

Cynthia and Teresa Winberry were flower girls.

Groomsmen were Ladd Vibbert, brother of the bridegroom, best man; Greg Mulhair and Gary Vibbert, another brother.

The couple will make their first home at 1520 B. St. Washougal.

Source: unknown newspaper clipping.


Melvin LaVern Ullom, Born Wapato, Washington, in a tent August 12, 1936, passed away June 3rd, 2014. Attended Moxee High School, he played the clarinet, and was in track and field. After High School went into the United States Marine Corp Reserve. Left the Corp after 2 years, resigned and went into the United State Air Force in 1956, as a jet aircraft mechanic. Met Jane Barber at a mutual friend's wedding reception, was married June 1961. In 1965, Andrew was born, Anita in 1966, Stephen in 1968. In January 1969, Melvin was sent to Tuy Hoa Air Base, Viet Nam. Diane was born 1970. Retired from the Air Force in 1976, at the rank of Tech Sargent. Melvin is survived by his children, Andrew, Anita, Stephen, Diane, 8 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters. 
Source: Facebook. Received from Andrew Ullom
* * * * * * * * * * 
3. Lawrence Ullom (1897-1961):
son of Alford E. Ullom + Tacy E. Berry

Funeral services were conducted in the First Church of God in Elkhart Thursday, May 4th, for Lawrence Ullom who died in the Morton County Hospital on May 2.
Rev. Earl Chesnut of the church was in charge of the services. Hymns of comfort were sung by Rev. Chesnut and Myrletta Chesnut accompanied by Mrs. Ruth Loepp at the organ. Pallbearers were Ed Tucker, Bud Carder, Bart Gloden, Henry Haar, Lloyd Haar and Calvin Hicks. Burial was in the Elkhart Cemetery.
Lawrence Ullom, son of Alfred and Tacy Ullom who preceded him in death, was born October 14, 1897 in Streator, Ill., LaSalle County. He moved with his parents, brothers, and sisters, to Oklahoma on a farm home called Postal, 11 miles East and 5 miles south of Elkhart in June of 1915.
He remained at the home place.
Source: Unknown newspaper, but probably the Morton County, KS paper. 
* * * * * * * * * *
4. Mabel May Ullom Griffith (1900-1957)

* * * * * * * * * *
5. Ronald Ullom (1901-1989) + 1st wife. Ethel Mae Allen (1907-2002). Div. 1957.
son of Alford E. Ullom + Tacy E. Berry
1st wife: daughter of Edward Allen (____-1914) + Katherine (____-1909), sister to Gladys Lottie Allen, Frank's wife. 

2nd wife: Mary A. ? (1911-1992)
daughter of ?

1940 Census
Ullom, Ronald, head, male, white, 38 yrs, married, birthplace-IL, Residence 1935-Texas Co, OK., on a farm?-yes, occupation - farmer on a farm,
----- Ethel, wife, female, white, 32 yrs.,  married, birthplace-KS,
----- Martha, daughter, female, white, 10 yrs, single, birthplace-KS,
----- Mary, daughter, female, white, 8 yrs, single, birthplace-OK,
----- Virginia, daughter, female, white, 6 yrs, single, birthplace-OK
----- Rosetta, daughter, female, white, 5 yrs, single, birthplace-OK
----- William P., son, male, white, 2 yrs, single, birthplace-OR
Source: Morton Co, Kansas Census, Line 54.
Ethel Mae McElhaney went to be with Jesus at 6:45 pm, January 27, 2002. All her children were at her side.
She was born Ethel Mae Allen October 14, 1907, the second of three daughters of Edward and Katherine Allen of Boicourt, Kansas.
Her mother passed away when Ethel was 2 1/2 years old and her father followed her mother to the here-after when she was 7. Thereafter, she was raised by her Uncle Emery and Aunt Bernice Allen. At the age of 19, after a year of correspondence, she met Ronald Ullom in person in Kansas City. Their in-person introduction was on a Friday and they were married the following Monday, August 23, 1926. This union produced 7 children. The first was Pearl who passed away at 4 months. She was followed by Martha Fisher of Show Low Arizona; Mary Twitty of Verona, Mo; Virginia James of Yucca Valley, Ca.; Rosetta Ullom of Houston, TX; Paul Ullom of Cerritos, CA, and Donald who passed away at birth. She also was graced with 16 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great grandchildren.
After their wedding in Kansas City, Mr. & Mrs. Ullom moved to the Oklahoma Panhandle south of Elkhart, Ks. There they farmed and lived in a dugout-Soddy home with Ronald's brother John. After about 5 years, the family moved to a small frame house.
In 1936, the family was forced to sell out due to the dust bowl. They moved to an area near Molalla, Ore. where they farmed and picked fruit. In 1939 they returned to Elkhart, Ks. and in 1942 moved to Clever, Mo.
The children were all graduates of Clever High School.
In 1957, Ronald and Ethel divorced. In 1960, Ethel married Milford McElhaney who loved her very much. This union lasted until Milford passed away November 15, 1980.
Mrs.  Ethel Mae McElhaney was a three-time survivor of cancer. The first occurrence was in 1977, the second in 1982 with the most recent in 1997. The last occurrence left her unable to walk and she had resided in a local nursing home since.
She was a long time member of Cornerstone Church, Springfield, MO.
Mrs. McElhaney was preceded into Eternity by her sisters, Blanche and Gladys, both of her husbands Ronald Ullom and Milford McElhaney, two of her children, Pearl and Donald. And two grandchildren, Ronnie Twitty and Duke Pierce.
Visitation and memorial services will be held at Gorman-Sharpf Funeral Home in Springfield, MO. at 1:00 pm, January 29, 2002. With gravesite services to follow at Evergreen Cemetery in Republic, MO, where she will be interred next to her husband, Milford.
Source: Memorial Service Flyer.

* * * * * * * * * *
6. John Henderson Ullom (1904-1992) = see Documents of John H. Ullom family
son of Alford Ullom + Tacy E. Berry

* * * * * * * * * *
7. Laura Belle Ullom Moore (1910-1998)
daughter of Alford Ullom + Tacy E. Berry 

Front - "Of all the Merry Christmas Days
You've known in old December,
May this one be the happiest,
The best you can remember."

Back - Miss Laura Ullom, Elkhart, Kansas
X-mas greetings, Ell, Norma & Kiddies
Source: 2 cent stamped Christmas postcard, Series 1286 A. 

More to Read:
Ullom's Across America. By Mary Whitney, Inc., Ottsville, PA; 1986.

Alford Ullom's Biography
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