Monday, June 13, 2016

Reunion Checklist

What to bring to your next family reunion:

  1. A first aid kit.
  2. Bug spray.
  3. Business cards.
  4. Camera.
  5. a Donation to help defray costs of annual family cemetery care, renting the park shelter and stationery/postage for reunion reminders.  
  6. Family historians = bring your laptop, scanner or recording devices and/or spiral notebook and pen.
  7. Family memorabilia to share = photo albums with ancestors or new family members;  or scrapbooks of newspaper clippings to announce baptisms, births, deaths,  graduation, honors, marriages, sporting events, etc.
  8. For Pool, if open to public = entry money, modest bathing suits, flip flops, beach towel, sunscreen, water bottle. Optional = nose plugs, ear plugs, swimming cap, flotation devices, and money for the snack bar.
  9. For Potluck = main meal, sides, dessert, iced drinks in cooler, picnic tablecloth and table clips, disposable dinnerware, paper towels or napkins, waterproof matches, plastic trash bags.
  10. Lawn chairs.
  11. Musical Instruments = if you can play a kazoo, pick a banjo, guitar or a fiddle or sing, by all means, bring it on!
  12. Name tags.
  13. New Address? = Bring a sticky address label with it for me!
  14. Samples of your handiwork, recipes, seeds or plant starts to share.
  15. Sign-up sheet on clipboard and pen.
  16. Sun and Heat Protection = Caps, fans, hats, sunscreen, water bottle.
  17. Toiletry items = paper towels, toilet paper, water in a jug, and wet wipes (in case the park’s johnny-on-the-spot runs out or if the water hydrants are shut off like last year). Two ideas: a. cut a fist size hole out of the top of a clean milk jug or bleach bottle, leaving the handle on, to carry toilet paper and a small pkg. of wet wipes to the concrete commodes.     b. Poke holes into the screw-on lid of a milk jug with an ice pick, fill jug with water, and fasten lid for washing up. Fasten a roll of paper towels to the lid of a cooler with a bungee cord.
  18. Toys for the young'uns like badminton rackets, balls, bats, Frisbees, Pitch,  and squirt bottles.
  19. TV Trays (if city double books the shelter by mistake again) = Food and Drink park.
Be There Or Be Square! :)

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