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Documents of Benjamin Franklin Berry Family

A Work in Progress: It's like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle, fitting in one piece at a time and wondering at the lovely picture of our kin when they finally reveal themselves.

Benjamin Franklin BERRY (1841-1904) + Elizabeth MCCLOUD (1846-1902) =  10 known children
son of
daughter of 
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Quaker Record
Berry, Benjamin. b. 1841-4-28
& w: Elizabeth b. 1846-7-6
& ch:
Tacy E. b. 1868-7-30
Levitt L. b. 1871-7-14
Mary E. b. (?)
William W. b. (?)
Source: Pleasant Plain Monthly Meeting (A-B), Iowa. US, Hinshaw Index to Selected Quaker Records, 1680-1940. PPI, p. 26. Retrieved from Ancestry.com

1880 US Census
Berry, Benjamin, white, male, 39 yrs., occupation-farmer, birthplace-IN
----- Elizabeth white, female, 33 yrs., occupation-housekeeping, birthplace-IN, father's birthplace-KY
----- Tacy, white, female, 12 yrs., occupation-at home, birthplace-IN; father's birthplace-IN; mother's birthplace-IN
----- Leavitt, white, male, 10 yrs., occupation-at home, birthplace-IN, father's birthplace-IN, mother's birthplace-IN
----- Marietta, white, female, 6 yrs.,  birthplace-KS,
----- Henry, white, male, 5 yrs., birthplace-KS,
----- Wm., white, male, 2 yrs. birthplace-KS,

Source: 1880 US Federal Census for 324, Strawberry Twp., Washington Co, Kansas. June 28, 1880. Line # 1. Retrieved from Ancestry.com
1885 KS State Census
Frank Berry, 44 yrs head, married,  occupation - farming
Lizzie ", 37 yrs, female, married,
Tacy ", 16 yrs, female, single,
Levett ", 14 yrs. male, "
Etta ", 12 yrs, female, "
Henry ", 9 yrs, male, "
Wm. ", 7 yrs, male, "
George ", 4 yrs, male, "
Anna ", 1 yr. female, "

Source: 1885 Kansas State Census Collection, 1855-1925 for Coleman Twp., Washington Co, KS. Line #6. Retrieved from Ancestry.com
1900 US Census
Berry, Benjamin F., head, white, male, birth mo. Apr., birth year-1834, 66 yrs, married - 32yrs, birthplace-IN, father's birthplace-NC; mother's birthplace-NC, occupation-farmer
-------, Elizabeth, wife, white, female, birth month-Jul. birthyear - 1846, 54 yrs. married-32 yrs, 8 children-7 living, birthplace-IN, father's birthplace-VA, mother's birthplace-VA
-------, William, son, white, male, birth month-Dec, birth year-1877, 22 yrs, single, birthplace-KS, father's birthplace-IN, mother's birthplace-IN, occupation-farmer
-------, George E., son, white, male, birth month-Dec., birth year-1881, 19 yrs, single, birthplace-KS, occupation-farmer 
-------, Anna D. daughter, white, female, birth month-Dec, birth place-1883, 13 yrs, single, birthplace-KS, occupation - housework
-------, Nora M., dau., white, female, birth month-April, birth year - 1892, 8 yrs, single, birthplace-KS
Ray, Walter, grandson, white, male, birth month-Mar, birthplace-1889, 11 yrs, single, birthplace-KS, father's birthplace-KS, mother's birthplace-IN, occupation-farmer

Source: 1900 US Federal Census. District 0009, Township 29, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory. 16 July, 1900. Line #75. Retrieved from Ancestry.com
Coffeyville Journal 
March 8 - 9, 1904
An old soldier by the name of Berry, living east of Parker, died Tuesday afternoon.
B. F. Berry, the old soldier who died at his home near Parker Tuesday, was buried Wednesday afternoon in Elmwood cemetery. Mr. Berry was 63 years of age and his death was caused by pneumonia.
According to William G. Cutler's "History of the State of Kansas," Parker, Montgomery Co, KS. was about a mile and a half south of Westralia, on the east side of the Verdigris River. It was begun about 1869 by D. T. Parker, after whom it was named, assisted by H. W. Martin and others.
For awhile, the town enjoyed a marvelous growth, having within a single year grown to a city of more than 1,000 inhabitants. However, the railroad decided to bypass Parker in favor of Coffeyville which was on the west bank of the Verdigris in 1871. Of the once flourishing city, only two or three buildings are left to mark the place where it once stood.
Source: "History of the State of Kansas." By William G. Cutler. Retrieved from website: http://www.kancoll.org/books/cutler/
* * * * * * * * * *
1. Ray BERRY

* * * * * * * * * * 

2. Tacy Emmaline BERRY ULLOM (1868-1937)
Tacy Berry Ullom's Autograph Album was of Burgundy velvet covered with red roses and blue forget-me-not illustrations.

1. Coffeyville, Kansas February 19th, 1893
May Thy Pathway bee strewed with
Roses bright and Thornless so the
End Then in Heven Repose
Forever is The Wishes of Thy
Father. B.F.Berry

2. Febuary, Sundy, 19th 1893
Dear Daughter
Rember me when far away
Rember me when near
Rember me when dead and gon and drop
For me a Tear.
your mother, Elizabeth Berry
Coffeyville, Kansas

3. 2th month, 1892
Rember me is all I ask for Rembrance is a daly Task
Thy brother, Gord Berry

4. Fiend Miss Tacy Berry April 25, 1891
Remember me when far away and only half awake
Remember me on your wedden day and send me a slice of cake.
Mr. John Gilbert

5. For my sister 2nd month, 19th
Length of Days and Prosperity
Will be the Lot of Him
Who trusts in the God and serves him
May the be faithful So
trust him is the wishes of thy Brother.
Henry R. Berry.

6. Coffeyville, Mongumery Co., Knsas
Febuary 19 1893
Dear Sister Rember well and Bare in mind
That a Jay Birds Tail Sticks out behind.
your well wishing brother. William Berry.

7. Feb 19th, 1893 Coffeyville, Knsas
From Ray Berry to his sister
When you see This just give yourself a kiss and think of Ray.
Ray Berry.

8. Washington, Kan May 9, 1891
Friend Tacy
Come back I long to Clasp thy hand and Press my lips to thine.
I hear thy Voice in tones of love and Still I call thee mine.
A friend G.D.M.

9. Rember me Dear Sister,
When on This Page you look.
Rember was your sister who
this in your Book.
Anna D. Berry. 2nd month, 19, 1893. Coffeyville, Knsas.

10. Dear Sister 3/21/1892
For you and I must part
Perchase too meet no more
But you and God shall Never Part
and pray. Tacy So gain that heavenly shore.
These are the best wishes of your sisters, Ettie,
Rember March 17, 1892, Sunday

11. Dear Sister 2/19/1893 Rember the trip to Coffeyville from Washington.
May your cares all fly away
Like Due Bee fore the Sun
and when youre nothing Else to do
Jist think ov me for fun.
from Brother Lewett Berry. forget-me-not!

12. Ever remember your Everdale friends, Stringtown, Kans. 1/20/92
Dear Friend, Five friends are like dimonds,
precious but rare
fals ones like autumn leavs found ever whare,
your friend, Nettie Pickett. I wish you luck in leap year adventures.

13. March 19, 1894, Streator, ILL.
Dear Tacy, May your life be long and deray
and its ending out of sight
foot it bravely trewa faithful, trust in God
& do the right. Your friend, Bessie T.

Her Recipes

* * * * * * * * * *

3. Levett Z. BERRY (b. 1870)
From Levett Berry to Sister Tacy Ullom
Dec the 23, Warner, Okla.
Dear Sister and family,

I thot I wood drop you a few leines two Let you know We have fo goten you We ar all well haaf Wite this fow lines real hes you will find you the Same We ar hauling Pretty Bad Wether Dom hir How fare Doo you Live from Oklane City We have Been think of Driving out too See you Som time next sumer Seem as thore We Dont over hear from you now tacy if you can Write git Same of the childern too write we here from nora once and a while how Wase your Crosfer When is the Best time too come out ther Nellie Wood Write But she is So Bisey hamt got time Well tacy this is the first Letter I have tride Write for So Long Excus Pore Wriring Leove too all Pleas write us know all of you are getting good By

from L.Z.B. and famly Warner, Okla Rout1, Box 38

* * * * * * * * * * 

4. Mary Etta BERRY (b. 1875)

* * * * * * * * * *

5. Henry Richard BERRY (1876-1909)

* * * * * * * * * *

6. William W. BERRY (1877-1935)

* * * * * * * * * *

7. George E. BERRY (1880-1931)

* * * * * * * * * * 

8. Anna D. BERRY (1883-1909)

* * * * * * * * * * 

9. James H. BERRY (1884-1967)

* * * * * * * * * * 

10. Nora M. BERRY CLARK (1891-1962)
From Donzella Clark to Aunt Tacy Ullom
From: Return in 10 days                                        
Postmark: Coffeyville, KS.
To Donzella Clark                                                  
December 1, 1929, 1:30 pm, 2 (1 cent) stamps
1512 So Walnut, Coffeyville, Kansas
To: Mrs. A. Ullom, Elkhart, Kansas
Dear Aunt Tacy & all,

Mamma wants to know why don't you write to us once & awhile mamma never did hear from Laura after wrote card about you being bad off with that rupture of yours so I thought I write and see how you was I am in a hurry for I have to help with supper daddy is working every day we are all just fine are you folks all right & the rest to tell Hello for me tell Laura Hello is she going to school this year I am in the 7B this year like it Just fine lone walk though but going to get my education uncle Sid will be home Thursday. it is snowing here is it their we have rabbits write to us soon please excuse writing tell all Hello from us

your neice Donzella Clark
Coffeyville, Kansas, Dec. 29
Dear aunt tacy,

      I thought I would drop you a few lines to let you know we are all well. Hope this leaves you all well. We all was all sorry when we heared that Rolans baby died what seemed was the matter with the little baby. did you reived the card. We recived your cards. I got a lot of presents as alowing I got these. a box of staniory, two boxes of candy a lots of Hanchiefs some cards. 2. pair of stocking bottle of prefume some goods to make me a dress and a lots of other thing. Hope you folks got lot of nice things Why don't you ever write aunt nellie uncle levett and Delma stayed four days and they wasn't . . .

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