Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Letter to Alford & Tacy from Jessie Ullom

(Christmas card & note)

Dear Folks all:

Was sure glad to get your cards. Thot you were vexed at me because I din't meet you at Coffeeville. I wrote Laura and you folks two letters and you have never answered. We are all well and all my folk too. My parents are still living. Bob is visiting us expects to go back to St. Louis as soon as Fords assembly plant starts up again. Jim is in Houston, expected to come up but was feeling so badly the cold weather scared him out. We only go a slight snow and one night 2 below during the big storm the week before xmas. We have had 9 days of sunshine & mild weather. xmas was 65. Laura write me a long letter.

Love to all
Jesse, Bob, & Dorothy

tell me about all the boys and the ... and yourself.

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