Friday, May 25, 2012

Letters to Tacy Ullom from Hannah Warner

Envelope =
From = H. Warner
830 No. LaSalle St.
Postmark: Chicago, IL.
Chicago Ave. Station
Dec. 18, 1929, 5:30 pm
1 (2 cent) stamp
To = Mrs. Tacy Ullom
Elkhart, Kansas
Dec 18-'29
Dear Tacy, So sorry to hear Laura had the small-pox and you had to be vaccinated. Hope she did not have it very hard and that she is getting along all right.
Am sending a check for $3.00 to you use wherever you most need it.
Ronald wrote me about Laura. Hope this doesn't put her back in her studies at school.
It turned cold last night and we are in a snow blizzard now. We are promised zero weather soon.
Mildred had a baby girl born to her and Clarence Dec. 10th. Both Mildred and baby are doing well.
Love to all, Hannah
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Postcards from Hannah to Mrs. A. Ullom.
. . . no. Sawyer Ave.
Jan 26, 1930
1 cent stamp
Chicago, IL.
Dear Folks,
On other side you can see where my room is. I am leaving tomorrow on the auto trip with the Coons. Expect to spend tomorrow night at Linna's if all goes well. Will write you from time to time. Write me at Ollie's and she will forward the mail to me. Lovingly, Hannah
Cave City, Kentucky, 1/29/1930
Stayed at Linna's on Monday night. Here last night. We go to see Mammoth Cave today then on to Nashville, Tennessee. Hannah
Nashville, Tenn. 1/29/30

Saw Mammoth Cave this morning, then drove here afterward. It stays very cold yet. Much below freezing. We may see snow again tomorrow.
Miami, Fla. 2/5/30
Have had a lovely trip down here. Spent nine days on the way. It was pretty cool until we got almost here. Went in bathing in the ocean today. Miami is a beautiful city. When you write, forward the mail to Ollie and she will send it on to me. I received the box today that Frank sent me to Indianapolis. Linna forwarded it on to me. I won't be here long. We return by way of West Coast of Fla. Hannah.
St. Petersburg, Fla. 2/12/30
Saw the Singing Tower and heard the Carillion bells yesterday. Both are wonderful. We leave here Monday for other parts. Address me % J.H.Nixon, 5512 No. Sawyer Ave. and mail will be forwarded. Hannah.
St. Petersburg, Fla. 2/15/30
We have had some lovely trips around here. To cross this long bridge built across the Bay is quite an experience. We had an aeroplane ride of nearly 80 miles one day. It was a thrilling experience. Every day is summer here. We leave Monday for another place. Hannah

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