Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Farewell for Mrs. A. ULLOM


Neighbors and Friends Spend Evening at West Side Home-Family to Move to Oklahoma.

A party of neighbors and friends called Tueday evening at the home of Mrs. Alfred Ullom of South . . .Street, and spent a most enjoyable evening. The affair was in the nature of a farewell, since Mrs. Ullom and family leave next Monday for Postal, Okla. Mr. Ullom and son have been there since spring and like the country very much. They are engaged in farming, and as there are several families from this city and vicinity located not far distant, the Ulloms feel it will be quite a little colony "from home".

Mrs. Ullom was showered with dishes by her friends, as a reminder of Streator neighbors, and fruit was served. The evening was devoted to "visiting," . . . pleasant . . . take . . .

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