Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who Do You Think You Are?

We have FREE TV and David has “discovered” a new television show advertised by Ancestry.com called “Who Do You Think You Are?” Last week's episode featured Martin Sheen. He was most interested in researching his ancestry in Ireland and Spain (two uncles) and the biggest surprise discovered was about his 4th great-grandparents. I was most interested to learn that his paternal grandmother’s name was also “Dolores.” I don’t know of too many “Dolores’.” David said it must be nice to visit Europe and being able to afford to pay other genealogists and historians to dig up information about one’s ancestors, but as a bonus, Martin was able to visit his sister who lives in Spain. She had been able to dig up some information already on their background and shared photographs with him.

Anyway, I’d recommend the show for both family researchers and history buffs. It was on last Friday night  at 7:00 pm on NBC station here.

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