Thursday, January 12, 2012

Postle, OK—The Town That Was, But Ain’t No More.

Postle, Oklahoma was named for one of the first pioneers of Northwest Texas County -- George and Anna POSTLE. They moved to a claim of 160 acres in a prairie schooner, arriving in March, 1904. It was free land, 28 miles from Guymon and 30 miles from Hooker. The government first gave a patent to the land while the claimant lived on it and improved it. After five years, the official deed was given to the owner. Their closest neighbor, the MARKHAMS, were six miles away east across the prairie.
Two years later, the WELSH family bought the quarter of land west of the Postle’s. Dan Welsh commenced to building a general store with a post office in the back. Win SCHNAUFER was an early day mail carrier, bringing mail to Postle three times a week. Later W.D.FRANKS built a blacksmith shop and a livery stable there. Postle was a stopping point between Hooker and Elkhart, KS. (f. 1913) on the Denver-Canadian-Dallas highway.
In 1915, when Alford and Tacy E. (BERRY) ULLOM, moved to Oklahoma from Streetor, Illinois, they purchased Postle (Section 1-4-12) from Dan Welch. In an area where building materials had to be trucked in, Dan physically moved his store building to the State Line between Kansas and Oklahoma the day lots in Elkhart, Kansas were sold. After settling his store, he was open for business the same day.
Postle became their homestead. Alford and Tacy’s son, John Henderson, brought his bride, Maurine Hester (LARUE) there in 1931. Their second child, Maynard and his wife, Ronda Faith (ARCHER) built their home between where the blacksmith shop and store once stood. They told of finding metal buried in the ground when they dug out the basement hole. The Postle School District No. 5 finally transferred to Elkhart, KS. in 1945.

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