Thursday, November 17, 2011


We’ve just returned from a weekend jaunt down to Miller County, MO where one of David’s maternal cousin’s daughters married her sweetheart. His mother was a RUSH, a paternal cousin of David's. They were married at the Eldon Church of the Nazarene in Eldon, MO. If I recall right, Pastor Jerry FRYE officiated at the bride's mother and father’s wedding too! It was like a reunion of the RUSH and CARRENDER families with three hundred guests, at least!
While we were at it, David’s folks trucked down two gravestones that was delivered to us from the government. Both gravestones were for family Civil War veterans – Rev. Alexander SULLENS, of Spring Garden cemetery and Isham GORDON, of Eugene cemetery. Both should be set by David’s nephew-in-law later this week.

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