Saturday, September 11, 2010


The Rush family used to quote favorite rhymes for fun. Ishmael used to say these:

"Entry, ventry, cutry, corn
Apple seed and apple thorn.
Wire, brier, limber lock,
Three geese in a flock.
One flew east, one flew west,
And one flew over the cuckoo's nest.
All the way out, you old dirty cloud,
Never saw a pretty girl, but what I liked her some."
"Let's go to bed," said Sleepyhead.
"Oh no," said Slow, "let's eat a bite before we go."
This one was accompanied by hand motions as a finger game. It never fails to amaze the little ones!

Two blackbirds
Sitting on a log,
One named "Jack"
And one named "Jill."
Fly away, Jack,
Fly away, Jill,
Come back, Jack,
Come back, Jill.
Marie's dad, Wm. Thornton, used to say this one:

"Penny-nip, clip, clap, clam, roady-hoady, brush-him-over, Peter Pan-Dan, sigh-all-lo-dy."

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